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5 Steps to Successful Housewife to become a Mompreneur

5 Steps to Successful Housewife - 5 ways to become Mompreneur-the existence of technology a little much affects the business map in the world. The business world that used to be dominated by men now little by little has shifted to the presence of women, especially housewives who are actively plunging into a businesswoman, commonly called Mompreneur. 

Armed with the sophistication of technology devices owned, such as smartphones, laptops, and Internet connections, women especially housewives jazz the world of business in Indonesia by opening a variety of businesses or businesses that are the average success they control from home. In fact, there are some housewives who pursue a successful home business to achieve a fantastic turnover. In fact, it is not easy to undergo a double profession as a housewife while having a business at home. 

There is even a mother who, besides having a business, also works as a career woman. Sure you think how to divide time and herself to handle multiple jobs at once. Maybe that's an excess of women with multitasking skills or can work on the job one at a time. 

The ideals of being a mompreneur may be much crossed by housewives. Moreover, now many women or Mama started to dominate the business world with various products sold. Armed with the power of increasingly evolving technological devices, including smartphones, laptops, and Internet connections, Mama can also make a living, even at home, with the little ones. 

But to become a mompreneur is not easy, Mama needs to have multitasking skills or can do the job at one time. 

However, being a successful mompreneur is not easy, there are steps to follow. Here are some tips that could possibly be a reference for success in becoming a mompreneur.

1. TrainYourself to have a Good Time Management

If you think it's easy to run a business from home, it's not true. To be a successful mother, you need to spend a special time managing your business professionally or intelligently dividing your time between business and caring for your family. 

It's a good idea to set specific work hours to handle your business and tell the hours of the work to your clients or consumers not to have any bad prejudice from your clients or customers. 

Make sure that your working hours have been adjusted with family activities, such as when children are leaving school or when the child is asleep. If you only have time in the evening, communicate it, and consequently you must necessarily keep it.

2. Building Cood Communication with Other Family Members

In general, the biggest obstacle to an enterprising mother is not being able to make children understand the condition of their mothers who work. For that, Pintar-pintarlah you communicate it to children, if the children are too small to understand, prepare interesting game tools that will accompany the child when you finish the job.

3. Have a Good Financial Management Discipline

Although it's a trivial look, but once your efforts are getting bigger, you should certainly have good financial management. It is good that you do not mix household funds with business funds so that you can monitor the extent of the financial development of the business. 

In addition, in the financial business there is a capital that you must play back to increase the stock of goods, if you sell products online. It is therefore important that you set the flow of money out and enter to be balanced for the smoothness of your future efforts.

4. Choose a Business that Fits your Passion

Starting a business from home is not easy, sometimes many temptations will hinder your efforts. Moreover, in this effort sometimes arise problems that make your spirit to be a drop or despair. 

While it's not always 100% true, starting a hobby-based business or craving will make it more durable, consistent and enjoyable. 

A business that starts from your passion or hobby will generally make you more like it, if you love it, you'll do anything to defend it.

5. Always Keep the Spirit of Work

Humanely always if you are getting bored and tired of doing the same work continuously, not to mention if you have to face various problems in the family. If you're in such a condition, it's a good idea to take a break and focus on the family. 

If you have an assistant who can take over while your work, certainly better. But if not you can temporarily close your online store or business for a short vacation with your family. But make sure there are no job debts before starting your holiday, give your closing break by simply handling the rest of the work until complete.
Stay for family 

It's not easy to be an enterprising mother, but that doesn't mean there's no chance of success. The solution is, you should be smart to divide the time between your family and your business. In addition, you must have a disciplined and consistent attitude as well as a hard worker so that all the business plans and lives you have compiled end up with success.