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How to Start a Profession as Makeup Artist (MUA)

how to start MUA
antarAksara.com - In previous times, makeup artist (MUA) is still considered a less prestigious profession. But who figure, now makeup artist has become a very much enthused profession by many people. Not only women, but men are also now many who are interested in this profession as well. More and more, many people who need makeup artist services for various purposes. That is, the business of MUA has a bright and glorious future.

As we know, nowadays, makeup is a valuable tool to add to one's self-esteem, especially women. In this digital age, many people compete to make vlogs, blogs, or a review of various kinds of makeup or skincare tools that are loaded on their social media. Because of this, now many people are increasingly interested in working in the field of makeup. Just be a blogger or vlogger or even become a makeup artist.

"I like Pearypie, a Thai makeup artist. Once loved watching the video of Pearypie and Pony (makeup artist from Korea) from Youtube. At first, I would like to be a vlogger like them. I got a few times making vlogs and uploading them on Youtube. But because of my speaking skills are very lacking and not as good as the two of them, I finally moved a profession expert as a makeup artist wedding in Surabaya. " Said Louis, is one of the makeup artists who just pioneered his profession in the field of makeup artist wedding Surabaya.

Some people think being a makeup artist is not difficult because of the many videos and articles about the steps to be a makeup artist. Call it, Malvava, one of the most popular makeup artist in Surabaya, is often sharing tips on makeup through her Instagram account. In fact, Malva often uses her live Instagram to share on how to make the right makeup for yourself and others. Here, also some tips to become a professional makeup artist.

Step into professional Makeup Artist from start to success:

1. Complete Makeup Kit

Being a professional makeup artist, I not only have to know about the types of makeup such as foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and others. But, you also have to learn to understand and use each one of these tools and when it's time to wear them. After that, we then begin to slowly collect the necessary makeup tools.

As we know, makeup equipment is not cheap. The items needed to be a professional makeup artist are not very few. So, it's good to prepare your budget to start making some of the tools required to become a professional makeup artist. Improve your skills while collecting makeup tools little by little. And don't forget, use quality tools to get good results.

2. Learn through Makeup tutorials

One of the critical successes to be makeup artists is the willingness to continue to learn and hone skills. It does not hurt to learn in the tutorials that have been widely circulated on social media. A lot of makeup artists who learn cosmetology. Meraka learns makeup through the internet makeup Tutorial while practicing it directly. Moreover, in the digital era, This is also not difficult to search for makeup tutorials on social media.

3. Master various makeup techniques

How to Start a Profession as Makeup Artist (MUA)
In addition to mastering various makeup tools, you are also required to master multiple makeup techniques. You can learn from anywhere. Some video or article tutorials circulating on the internet teach about various makeup techniques from different parts of the world.

In the process of learning makeup techniques, you will most likely encounter obstacles or make mistakes. But don't despair, you can fix the error so that you get the most out of your results. Do not forget to continue experimenting to get new makeup techniques.

4. Self-esteem

Makeup is the art of drawing faces. In the first stage, start learning to composition on yourself. Use your own mug to become a live canvas while watching makeup tutorials or learning makeup at experts. Only then can you apply makeup to others.

5. Experimenting on others

Have you been satisfied with the makeup results on your own face? Have you been confident about practicing your skills on others? If so, you can start to have a few others. Start on a mother, sister, or Terdekatmua friend. Ask them what they think about your makeup results. And do not forget, frequent breaks practice, to be more sharpened your skills.

6. Know the latest trend makeup

Deciding to make makeup artist The primary profession means you have to be up-to-date. You have to diligently find out about the latest trend makeup developments for now. Find out what is trending through various mediums, whether it's newspapers, magazines, or social media. Not only trend makeup in Indonesia, but also abroad. However, there are times when you also have to think about whether the trend is suitable for those who have or will become clients.

7. Look for your own distinctive features

As a professional makeup artist, you need to learn to have the characteristic of makeup that is not owned by another makeup artist. This aims to help others easily remember you. For example, the makeup you apply produces a durable dewy makeup look. Of course, finding your own distinctive features is not easy. You should often upgrade your makeup skills and trend developments.

8. Understanding and realizing the client's wishes

However, having a characteristic is not enough to survive in the world of makeup artists. You must be able to master various kinds of makeup techniques. The goal is, so you can fulfill clients ' wishes. Remember, as a professional makeup artist, you work for clients. Sometimes, you have to put aside your personal ego and take more attention to your customer's will.

In other words, you should be able to understand what the client is expecting and be able to realize the customer's wishes. The client will also be satisfied with the service you provide so that it has the potential to become a permanent subscription later in the day.

9. Promotions and Portfolios

In this all-digital age, you should also be able to run your social media well as a means of promotion. Don't forget to capture the makeup photos you've done and made a portfolio to convince potential customers. Make sure that the resulting makeup results are the best.

You can upload the results of a portfolio on your social media so that many people know your skills. Take advantage of your social media accounts for a maximum of ' sell ' your makeup results. That way, you can get a higher chance of getting the client or job you expect.

That's some tips to become a professional makeup artist. Do not also forget to continue upgrading the skills you have for the more professional. There is no harm, you ask someone more senior or more professional than you to get the science you may not have at this time.