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Download Maigcal Number Apk Mod, Game Android Penghasil Paypal Dollar Gratis 2020

Aplikasi Penghasil Dollar Terbaru yang gres rilis, yang niscaya telah terbukti membayar, lagi dan lagi developer dari aplikasi penghasil dollar sungguh gampang buat mencari saldo paypal, dan ini dia aplikasi terbaru penghasil dollar, nama aplikasinya maigcal Number.

Buat nomor yang sama dengan menukar ubin, mereka akan bergabung di posisi Anda bertukar.

Maigcal Number

Make the same numbers by swap tiles, they will merge in the position you swap.

Challenge yourself to see if you can get to 100.

Share your lucky with your friend by telling them how many combos you reach. Share to your opponent what is your biggest number and how they look like? Nothing to purchase ever, just free endless game
The new incredible puzzle game with numbers! Another game from series "easy to play but can drive geniuses crazy!
Love number games? Here comes The most beautiful number puzzle game for you.

Main features:
- Beautiful numbers
- Time killer game type
- Relaxing puzzle game.
- Anyone can play.
- Straightforward rules.
- Very addictive.
- Brain teaser.
- Endless game play while you are smart enough and lucky.
- Fancy, simple and beautiful design.
- Sweet music and audio.
- Share your score and colorful number panel with your friends.
- Endless challenge from one, two, three to bigger
- Easy to play, hard to master.
- Tablets supported.
- But higher scores could be achieved with experience only.
- Get high score on Google Play
- Free and universal.

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Maigcal Number Apk Mod

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