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A Local Guide By Google-Win Free Google Drive Space

antarAksara.com.-Google is always innovative when it comes to the participation of the society for the promotion and Publicity of their services. This is possible with the free and the added benefits that have been promised. So far this has been a huge success as more and more people are attracted to this idea. Also, it comes with the consequences of submitting personal information to technology-giant

If we can cut this little mistake, a Local Guide is a wonderful platform if You love travel and want to check out local places such as restaurants, tourist attractions etc. Work as adviser to the Trip and contemporaries of the other and give you the chance to rate their service and leave feedback.

In addition, the application of a local guide offers the Google Drive storage free and gives you insider access but with time. Also, ensure your presence in social media networks as your ratings and your income will be present on Google Maps and give you an opportunity to make the map more accurate and useful for people.


There are five levels in the process of up gradation and they assured quickly raise the ladder. Each level or level up based on the ranking by the points of income for your review, photo, add or place of editing and answering the questions that are asked. Up to level three, everything is easy and at this level, You get a small icon for Your profile to show that You’re a Local Guide bona fide. It is quite something!

Pair the first level doesn’t offer much when it comes to the benefits as they offer only a monthly newsletter and invites to the occasional Google Hangout. It is once in a blue moon kind of thing. Full-on benefits to start flowing in after You reach level four. Here You get a terabyte of Google Drive storage for two years and a surprise annual thank you gift. And with the level five You get the information a proprietary about what comes with the map and may be invited to a local guide of the conference.


Basic and general idea is very simple. Add reviews, photos, location on Google Maps. But keep in mind that all reviews are honest and true to the core. Just to get the points that should not promote a really bad.

Another way to accelerate the step is to use some of the Other Services of Google like Google Photos, allowing the location history on the Map. You will find Your photos are everywhere You have with Your phone after turn on this Service. Also, the photos will appear in all the places where Google thinks You have stopped by. Also, this will be saved automatically by Google Photos.

To add images to reviews You have to do is tap one of the locations You visit and then add Your review along with the image. You get more points and rewards it with better pictures and a review together. Talk about an additional advantage!

Another way to climb the ladder, adding places and locations to Google Maps. In other words, You renew and validate the map. Most often times a lot of the joints of the good will not be listed on the map or else it will be wrong so many places and so forth. If You manage to add all the relevant information such as name, address, hours and other details about the Place, is sure to earn upgrade points which is nice. Also, it is a two way street. You help to improve one’s business. On the other hand, You really bring to the attention of a fellow human being a great place to pass by. This is kind of a win-win situation.

Once again another way to get points is to answer a simple question that always seems to appear. And believe me, these questions can sometimes be strange.


If You are ready to follow a strategy, You can master the Local Guide in a short period of time. But the only drawback is You give a lot of information, even personal to Google. Wherever you go, Google will come. If it’s scary for you, you can erase your history whenever you want. Revenge for this is the advantage your past will also be lost. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and it will help a lot of people and You also get the benefit of Google. As I said, it is a win-win situation for all.