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Top 10 Google Chrome Extension

antarAksara.com Top 10 Google Chrome Extension – Over the last few years Firefox has increased in the stock market the internet because of the speed and support for the extension, but the current will probably change soon.

This week Google announced that the chrome extension installed users will now be supported – fully means Google Chrome presents the strongest competition ever for Firefox.

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Although not much is released, this is the top 10 Google Chrome extension:

  1. AdBlock – if You are tired of seeing ads while You browse the web, then this extension is perfect. Block ads and reduce the mess and have fun while you’re surfing.
  2. Ideas Tab-to web sites that live in the past, the IE Tab allows You to open any Internet browser in Google Chrome, it means You do not need to re-open a new browser.
  3. Google Mail Checker-a small extension Chrome to display the number of items in Your Gmail inbox. A useful tool to reduce the number of visits You make to your Gmail.
  4. Kromed Bird-the Twitter account of a fantastic small in-browser Google-chrome extension allows You to stay up to date with the lines of Your time.
  5. Google similar pages (beta) – following the concept is the same with Stumble, similar Pages allows You to view the same page as You browse this moment.
  6. Facebook for Google Chrome extension Facebook is not the official of this allows You to see Your intake, wall and update Your status without having to visit Facebook.
  7. FlashBlock – this Google Chrome extension allows You to block flash on the situs web. You can block all flash, select selective or setup a white list embedded.
  8. Toomytabs-tab is clearly a big part in the experience of browsing in chrome, and this extension allows You to manage all Your tabs when You have one too many open.
  9. Wikipedia Chromium Edition – extension Wikipedia that allows You to quickly search for the encyclopedia in a matter of seconds, allowing You to have all the information at Your fingertips.
  10. Itbri-social extension that allows You to ‘snip’ everything from pictures and videos to the web page. You can share all Your findings on Twitter, Facebook and more.

So there’s that. Ekpensi 10 Google Chrome is currently available. As support for the extension has not been available for a long time, this list will probably become obsolete over time – so grab them while they’re hot! Clear the list above contains a large number of plugins are mostly concerned with browse day to day.

There are many available that are specific to certain areas, such as the ‘FireBug Lite’ for the development/web Design, ‘ Amazon deals ‘to the buyer and the’ Slideshow ‘ for photographers.

Time will tell if Google managed to score a goal Mozilla in the war of the browser, but it certainly looks like Firefox has got a strong contender. One good thing about the release of the support extended for Google Chrome is death (hopefully) soon user’s Internet browser.