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10+ Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android, Pcs Too!

BlogPeopleIT- Your video content can look even more exciting with slow motion effects! This effect offers a dramatic impression that attracts attention because it is considered unusual and shows in detail the movements that are sometimes overlooked.

PC video editing software, small size

5. Motion Camera – Slow Motion

This application can be the main option for those of you who want to offer motion speed effects on videos. For example: slow motion effects, fast motion blur, and many more! You can also directly upload created videos to share with friends via social media networks.

The drawback of the Motion Camera - Slow Motion application is that there are too many ad distractions so that it is sometimes felt to make the video editing process uneasy.

6. FilmoraGo

Then there is FilmoraGo which claims to be the best HD video editing application with various additional features such as text, audio, speed control, emoji, filters to backgrounds. Already downloaded more than half a million times on the Google Play Store, FilmoraGo is able to adjust the size of the resolution of the video you save – but without making HD quality bad.

You can also receive video edits without a watermark or ad interlude if you upgrade to the paid VIP model. Oh yes, the Filmora application can be used on Android phones or you can also download the software version for PC! (64bit only)

7. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is becoming a common application that is known for editing videos on mobile phones and has been downloaded more than 12.5 million times! Its easy use makes VivaVideo popular for YouTube, Instagram to TikTok content creators in general.

Here you can try various editing features, one of which is the slow motion effect to control the speed from 1/4 times to 1/2 times. You can also try the premium version with a monthly or yearly subscription.

8. AndroVid

The AndroVId application may not have the most advanced features of other video editor applications. But precisely because of its simple features, this application is a mainstay, especially for those of you who are just starting out in video editing. AndroVId also has a light size and works relatively well with mid-range phones with mediocre processors. It's interesting to try!

9. Footej Camera 2

After the success of the first sequel which was downloaded 5+ million times on the Google Play Store, now comes Footej Camera model 2. This application for recording photos and videos will make your cellphone camera have manual settings just like a professional photographer!

For example: ISO settings, shutter speed to produce slow motion mode, and the main focus which will be saved in the application gallery. If you use the premium model, you can shoot videos longer than 5 minutes and create high-resolution GIFs!

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10. Effectum

You can also try the Efectum application to create super slow motion effects with smooth results. You can use the video sound neutralizing feature if you control the speed of the video to be very slow because the effect of super slow motion can affect the quality of the sound or music in the background.

Instead, you can include sounds or music that are already available in the application gallery to be attached to your super slow motion video! The result will also be more exciting through the addition of filers and stickers to the video.

11. Video Slow Reverse Player

Another alternative for creating slow motion video effects is Video Slow Reverse Player. How to use it is quite easy! You just select the video you want to edit, then select the slow motion effect and there is a - (minus) sign to make the video motion slower to 1/4 and + (plus) to move it shorter. Very practical, making editing fast and easy to understand even for beginners.

12. Video Show Lite

Furthermore, there is Video Show Lite which can also create a dramatic impression through slow motion effects. To give more concentration to the slow motion of objects in the video, you can use the aspect ratio composition that is adjusted from 4:3, 16:9 to 1:1.

Then make the background blur with the “Blur” feature and change the background sound to make it more interesting! You can also share it with your friends without a maximum video length limit.

You can download all of the slow motion effect makers in the video above safely via the Appstore or Playstore, do not download elsewhere such as apkpure

or other application providers because it is feared that the virus has been infiltrated before being re-uploaded by certain persons www,,helmykediri.com