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10 Fastest Money Making Mobile Apps 2021

There are many Android applications that we can use to make money. With the principle of little-to-nothing goes uphill, some of the apps I've written can really make money.

But remember, we have to be diligent in collectingrewardsin the form of points, pulses,diamondswhich then we can convert into money. Therefore do not think that this can be directly used to get a lot of money.

By using this application, you can make money, receive gifts, credit, and much more. This application of course requires the user to complete the given task to receive coins. Then the coins can be exchanged for various forms of prizes.

Not only that, there are also credit-generating applications that offer bonuses to their users without carrying out tasks.

This bonus is usually given in the form ofgiveawayor lucky draw. This application also guarantees its users to be able to make money as long as the user remains consistent in performing tasks every day.

Want to know the application? Here are the 10 fastest credit generating applications in 2021.

But before moving on to the discussion. I just want to remind that this does not guarantee you can receive a lot of money at once.

Fastest Credit Earning Application 2021

1. CashPop

This 2021 fastest pulse-producing application offers convenience for its users to be able to make money. The tasks given are varied and very easy. One example is that users of this application will receive coins when playing games, sleeping, and many others.

To get the pulse is quite easy. You only need to collect as many coins as possible which you can later exchange for credit and game vouchers. You can get this application for free by downloading it on the play store.

2. TikTok Lite

Unlike the non-lite version. The TikTok lite application can be categorized as the fastest credit-generating application 2021. You only need to watch videos and receive coins. After that, you can exchange the coins with fund balances or Ovo balances. You can also try the nuyul trick of the tiktok lite application.

You can easily get this application for free on the play store. This application is also available for the AppStore, vivo store, and many others that contain this application.

3. Snack Videos

Just like Tiktok lite. This 2021 fastest pulse-generating application requires users to watch videos which then can earn coins. You can then exchange these coins for a balance of funds.

Unlike Tiktok lite. This application has previously been published to be able to generate money or credit. You can get this application on the Play Store and AppStore.

4. BuzzBreak

Do you like reading information? This 2021 fastest pulse generator application is suitable for you. You just need to read the information and then you can get coins that you can exchange for pulses.

In addition to getting benefits by receiving money. You can also benefit from being able to expand your knowledge because every day you make money by reading news. You can download the application directly on the play store.

5. CashZine

This 2021 fastest pulse-generating application is also a news-reading application. You can get a lot of useful news from this application. In addition, you can also discuss with other people in this application in a topic. With this, your knowledge will be wider because of exchanging opinions with other people.

Then you will receive coins from reading the information. You can exchange these coins for various charming gifts. You can download this application for free from the play store. iPhone users can download it on the AppStore.


Polls or JAKPAT are included in the order of the fastest credit generating applications in 2021. This application only shows surveys to its users according to their profile. After that you will get coins from the results of answering the survey. The question is not that difficult either. Just answer honestly.

You can exchange the coins that you have collected for a variety of interesting gift variants. One of them is credit, game vouchers, and much more. You can easily download the application via the Play store or AppStore.

7. Cashtree

This 2021 fastest credit-generating application is proven to pay its users. You only need to complete a few tasks that Cashtree gives you. Then you will get coins which you can later exchange for various enchanting gifts.

Examples are credit, game vouchers, cellphones, and many other types of gifts. You can download this application through the Play store. iOS users can download it via the AppStore.

8. MPL

MPL or mobile premier league is an application to play fun games that can generate credit and money. This 2021 fastest pulse-generating application provides various types of games that can be played by its users. In addition, this application also organizes various competitions with prizes up to hundreds of millions. You can also receive diamonds from the results of playing the game. You can later exchange these diamonds with Gopay balances, just links, and credit.

However, this application is not available on the Play Store or AppStore. You can download this application by accessing the id.mpl.live link and later you will get a prompt to download this application.

9. Surveyon

By filling out surveys, you can create credit, you know. You can use this 2021 fastest credit-generating application to create credit or money just by filling out surveys. Usually the survey they ask is your personal situation. But don't worry, this application will not abuse the news you provide.

From the results of answering the survey, you will get coins that you can exchange for cash. The exchange process is also fast, less than a week you will get the money exchanged from this application. You can easily download this application via the Play Store or AppStore.

10. Whaff Rewards

This app is proven to pay its users dollars. Just by playing games and completing other tasks. You can get dollars from this 2021 fastest pulse generator application.

You can exchange these dollars later for various kinds of gifts that are certainly charming. Not only that, this application also has other applications such as whaff locker.

By using the whaff locker app, you will earn dollars just from activating and deactivating your device.

But the application is no longer available on the play store. You can get this application by downloading it in apk pure or apkmonk. iOS users can also download it via these 2 websites.


The fastest credit-producing application in 2021 has indeed been proven to pay its users. But don't make this app your main source of income.

Because if you fail you are able to accept negative effects such as frustration. There are many other jobs that are certainly beneficial for the body and mind, as well as being able to produce.

Again, I do not guarantee that you will receive money from the fastest credit generating application 2021.

This is just a suggestion that you can work on in your spare time. Hope it's useful.