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3 Tips for Starting an Online Business From Beginning to Success

Selling online, two words that are currently being favored by many people. With the high percentage of internet users in Indonesia, selling online must sound prospective.

Even so, we cannot close our eyes to the reality that trading or doing business online is not as easy as it sounds. There is a hidden complexity there.

What kind of complexity is that? What is the first step that must be done in order to succeed in doing business online? Let's peel together one by one.

Starting Sales Through Market Place or Social Media?

Selling online is actually really easy, especially in Indonesia now there are many market places that provide not just stalls for selling but also want to help promote the products you sell.

Social media like Instagram and Facebook also have their own features for those of you who intend to sell in their area.

As a first step, trading on these two platforms is indeed the easiest. You don't need to read this article until the end, you can start selling, it's legal. How come many online entrepreneurs only rely on the market place and social media as their selling area.

But, did you know that there is a weakness behind the convenience provided?

First,we just ride. Remember well, that by trading online through a market place or social media, it means that you are trading in other people's areas. Not your own place. This means you can be closed suddenly.

Second, will never have a brand. This is the long term effect. When you trade in a marketplace or social media, it is difficult for your brand to develop and have strength.

Then how to overcome these two weaknesses? Of course by building your own stall, or if in the online world you need to create a site.

Running an online business through the market place and social media as well as introducing your online business site as the first step to spreading your brand.

Read about the importance of a website for your online business atrepetition.comso you know more about the website.

Tips on starting an online business from scratch to success

1. Selling Website

The first step in opening an online business is creating a website. Create a charming and simple website.

The main thing is to make sure all important information is clearly visible such as product images, product descriptions and prices.

Important features such as transaction features must also be made easy to see.

2. Social Media Promotion Place

Most online entrepreneurs use social media as a selling point. But if you want your business to grow and have a name, use your social media as a special offer area, not a sales area.

Get a lot of followers, include interesting pictures, write the name of your website on the social media so that people who will shop for your products will move to the website that is already available.

Even though it's only a promotional area, the gossip you write must also be detailed. Images, product descriptions, prices, and how to shop should be written.

Use at least 10 related hashtags. Also do post 1-2 times a day or more as long as it doesn't become spam.

3. Cracking Eggs

Creating a website and social media is an easy matter. The particular challenge is how to get the first buyer or break the egg.

When we talk about websites, we definitely talk about SEO too, maximize SEO but don't depend on it.

You still have to do promotions, for example through certain institutions such as Kaskus. But what you need to know is that people in forums or communities are not people looking for goods or services but people looking for entertainment and information.

However, they are still potential buyers. How do you get their attention and interest in your product or service?

  1. Find a community that aligns with your business
  2. Find the main problem that is often a hot topic there
  3. Create content that can be a solution
  4. Introduce your selling website

This is an effective way to help spread your brand and grow your website traffic.

4. From Sales to Business

Selling and business are the same activity with two different goals.

There are 6 stages for a consumer from not knowing at first to the shopping process

  1. Know or be aware of the existence of the product you are selling,
  2. Interested and want to know more,
  3. Considering trying
  4. Buy products
  5. Be loyal to the products you sell
  6. Recommend it to others around them.

If you are only selling, then the above process stops until step no.4.

A merchant is satisfied when his product is successfully purchased. While an entrepreneur, they complete all stages because customer satisfaction is an important point in the sustainability of a business. You can also check 8 more specific initial steps for an online business from repetisi.com to add referrals.