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4 Whatsapp Bomb Chat Spam Applications For Modern Android

"What the hell is there a PING post! That's a lot up to 250 times in the Whatsapp chat because you didn't pay attention or didn't reply to the chat before? Duh!”

"Oh my gosh, it's just something to be able to send GOOD MORNING writings to the Whatsapp group using a unique writing collection of funny letters like this. Ha ha ha

"Wow, again for the Chinese New Year, someone sent an alphabet in the form of a dragon from the characters to a very long one. Aren't you tired of typing it?"


Have you ever heard this comment? Sometimes there are just fun ideas to prank friends or girlfriends through unusual Whatsapp chats – or make the Whatsapp group more crowded. Well, one way is to do it through a chat 'bomb', aka sending messages repeatedly or making long messages from a collection of characters in the Whatsapp application.

This is not a random post because it can make your fingers tired. Well, it's possible to flood the chat page through manual typing one by one... but it's tiring. There's another way through the app – where you can send messages automatically up to a thousand times!

There are a number of apps designed for modern Android operating methods that you can try. You can choose one of them according to your needs. Let's check one by one!

1. Labalabi for WhatsApp

Now this first application is most often used to massively bombard messages to become great spam on the Whatsapp chat page. You can't find this app on Google Play, but it can be downloaded through other app supplier sites. Here's how:

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4. Text Repeater

This time the application to create spam chat that you can get on the Google Play Store is Text Repeater. This application allows you to create a 'flood' of repeating text, emoji, alphabets and numbers as many times as you want to the chat page of the destination contact on Whatsapp. You can even create repetitions of these characters to form a word or a certain unique shape. This is perfect for enlivening your WhatsApp group situation! Here are the steps to use it:

• Download the Text Repeater app available on the Google Play Store.

• Install the application and the Text Repeater is ready to use if it is already active on your phone.

There are several dishes that you can try in this Text Repeater, ranging from Repeated Text, Random Text, Repeated Letters, Crazy Text, ASCII Emoticons, Blank Text, and Emoji Translator. Let's check how to use some of these dishes.

4.1 Repeated Text Menu

For those of you who choose this menu, it means that you will write the same chat several times on the destination contact on Whatsapp. Just enter the sentence you want to be used as a spam chat and click Generate to run the command. Then press the Share icon and select the Whatsapp application to start bombarding chat pages!

4.2 Random Text Menu

Meanwhile, for this random Text menu, it allows you to send various kinds of free text consisting of letters to emojis to the recipient. Just like before, for command penalties, just click Generate and Share to the Whatsapp application!

4.3 Menu Repeated Letters

Now, this one is no less charming, you know, because you can flood the participant's chat page with letters written vertically and even look like certain unique shapes. Select the Repeated Text menu then two fields will appear to be filled in: Enter Text and Enter Characters. So you can fill it with writing what you want to be sent as spam and what alphabets make up this writing. Then continue executing this command.

gara gak diperhatiin alias gak dibales ya chatnya dia sebelumnya 4 Aplikasi spam chat bom whatsapp untuk android terbaru

So, those are some applications to send 'spam' messages on Whatsapp. There are several things that need to be considered in determining the application: if you download from the Google Play Store, its security is definitely guaranteed, while if you download from a third party, you have to be more careful if there is 'bloatware' that has the potential to become malware and spyware!

Then you also need to refrain from sending excessive spam. So if you send spam chat on Whatsapp too often the impact can make your Whatsapp account automatically blocked. Eh, but don't be happy just yet! The problem is that there are several cases when users send chat bombs that are too excessive, it actually makes their account banned right away. Wow! So, you can just send messages repeatedly as long as they are within the tolerance limits of the recipient so that they don't report your post as spam and keep your Whatsapp account safe or not blocked!