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4 Zones of Jatim Park 2 That Are Worth A Visit

Travel Blogger- Holidays are the most awaited day by both adults and children. On holidays, people who are intelligent enough to be able to rest their minds and bodies for a while from the daily work routine.

While children can have free time to have fun, save for a moment school stationery. On holidays, people should re-establish intimacy with family or closest people through gathering together for a full day.

Gathering can be anywhere, whether at home, cafes, restaurants, parks and other places. But it would be nice if the meetings on holidays were filled with more exciting activities than just sitting and eating together. More exciting activities can be done by traveling to charming places.

There are various interesting recreational areas that can be used as vacation options. Today each region has a tourist area that offers a variety of uniqueness of each. One of them is Jatim Park 2 Malang. This recreation area has been built since and well managed for many years.

The zones there are suitable for holidays with family and friends. Here are 5 zones that we recommend for you:

1. Secret Zoo Rock Zone

This vehicle contains Indonesian or foreign animals that live in the wilderness. Here you can see up close with animals such as chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, Sumatran tigers, Javan tigers, hippos, anoa, anteaters, various reptiles, fish and many more.

All are well cared for in a spacious and conducive enclosure. In each cage there is also a note board that contains a complete description of the animal so that it can add insight to visitors. Children and teenagers will be happy to be on this vehicle.

2. Animal Museum

In the animal museum there are lots of statues and skeletons of wild animals that are made in detail and visible to the naked eye. For example, you will witness a tiger and an eagle fight in a realistic and stunning version of the statue.

Or great sharks swimming in the blue ocean, polar bears, henna and tigers on a hunt and more. This museum is very wide and dominated by natural green or blue colors, appropriate for the forest or the poles, so it is perfect for a charming photo spot to post on your Instagram feed.

3. Eco Green Park

In this zone you will be made smarter with rides that contain knowledge of nature, the environment, etc. There, for example, you will be treated to an upside-down house complete with furniture that opposes the force of gravity. Or you will get a miniature temple, earthquake simulator, etc. Studying science and the environment in this zone will feel captivating and positive.

4. Sweet Memories Selfi

This zone is included in the new Jatim Park 2 which is also worth visiting. There are many photo spots that are designed to be colorful and instagramable. For example, you will find a room filled with sweets and chocolates, or large noodle bowls or wax figures of world figures. All of these photo spots are worth trying to enlarge your selfie or wefi collection.

Jatim Park 2 Malang Ticket Price List

With all these unique zones, Jatim Park tickets are only sold for Rp. 90,000 for weekdays and Rp. 120,000 for weekends. Tickets will be adjusted according to the zone you want to visit. On holidays, IDR 120,000 tickets per person can be used for 3 zones (Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum and sweet memories selfie), while IDR 160,000 for 4 zones (Batu secret zoo, animal museum, sweet memories selfie and eco green park). Even at certain moments there is a ticket discount of up to 50% with the applicable conditions.

The price is really cheap considering the zone there is really wide and complete. To take place at the Batu secret zoo alone can take up to an hour because of the many animals that can be watched.

Fortunately, there is a food court on every ride that sells various snacks and comfortable chairs to unwind before continuing the exploration.

Jatim Park 2 Malang buka jam 08.30-16.30. Dengan wahana yang sebegitu banyak anda mesti tiba pagi-pagi semoga lebih puas menjelajah tanpa buru-buru. Selamat bersenang-senang!