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5 Best Receipt Check Applications To Track Your Order Packages

-In the world of expeditions, a receipt is a proof of delivery number from the expedition that sent it. In addition, the receipt number can also be considered a tracking number, because it can be used to track the location of the package. The tracking can be used through the application or the website. Today, we are going to explain about some of the best receipt checking apps for the android platform.

Although such tracking can be done through websites such ascekreasi.com, pluginongkoskirim.com, berdu.id, and much more. But it will be more efficient and easier if you do it directly through the application on your smartphone. All receipt check applications that I describe have been graded according to several things. Among them are the number of downloads, ratings and also the number of reviews.

For this reason, here we describe the formation of the best receipt check application on Android smartphones.

1. Check Receipt and Postage

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5. Check Receipt and Postage

The last best receipt check application is "Check Receipt and Postage" from Azkidev. Just like the Cariresi I mentioned above, this application also has a pretty interesting performance. In addition, the developer also added a night mode to this application.

It seems, the name of this application does not exclusively represent the function of this application. To check receipts, the application is only able to track packages from 9 shipping services. Among them are JNE Express, J&T Express, POS Indonesia, TIKI, SiCepat, WAHANA, INDAH, Ninja Express, and Lion Parcel. In addition, this application also supports tracking via Barcode scan.

A little information about the data of this application on the Play Store. "Check Receipt and Postage" was released on October 16, 2018 by AzkiDev. Currently, this application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. In addition, this application also has a rating of 4.3 out of a total of more than 15 thousand user reviews.

URL : https://apkcombo.com/developer/AzkiDev/

That's the post about the best receipt check application for Android. Although checking receipts through the application is easier and more efficient, some applications may experience delays in updating the package location. For this reason, evaluating receipts via the website is the best option, because it is more accurate.

Even so, it seems that the manual way of checking receipts will begin to be abandoned. Because, nowadays, many people buy in the marketplace. And all current marketplaces must have offered automatic checking of receipts/tracking of goods which will immediately inform the location of your current package order.