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6 Applications to Convert Credit into the Best Cash

- For those of you who have a lot of credit, but don't know what to do. Here, I will tell you how to make the credit able to become money. The trick is to use an application service that converts credit into cash. The steps are very easy. Later I will explain the guide of the 6 convert applications below.

If the credit balance is cashed, the value will not be the same. Yes, basically, converting pulses has a rate. For example, the current rate is 0.9. So from Rp100,000 credit, it will be Rp90,000 cash. The rate depends on the provider and the convert application used. Yes, although it is reduced, but not bad right? Instead of just being a credit, it is difficult to use it for trading transactions.

Immediately, here we provide information about the best credit converting application at this time and of course reliable.

1. Viapulsa – Convert Credit to Money

Developers: PT. Global Viapulsa Indonesia

Rating: 3.6/5 (Google Play Store)

Size: 9 MB

Number of downloads: 500K+

URL: https://www.antaraksara.com//search?q=15-situs-untuk-mempromosikan-jasa-tulis" target="_blank">Sites for special offers for article writing services

4. Converin – Exchange Credit Cards 24 Hours

 Nih aku kasih tahu cara agar pulsa tersebut bisa jadi uang 6 Aplikasi Convert Pulsa Jadi Uang Tunai Terbaik

Developer: JoonDev

Rating: 3.9/5 (Google Play Store)

Size: 4MB

Number of downloads: 10K+

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joondev.converin

Unlike other pulse converting applications, Converin also provides pulse conversion for Smartfren providers. This is certainly a significant advantage for Converin. In addition, this application is also designed as minimally as possible, so that users can operate it easily.

On the Converin start page, you will be directly faced with the option of converting credit. Do you want to convert to Bank, or to e-Money. Both options also have the same rate.

For XL/Axis, the current rate is 0.7. Meanwhile, Telkomsel is 0.72, Indosat is 0.72, Smartfren is 0.68, and Tri is the largest, which is 0.78.

The only drawback of this application is the presence of ads. This certainly makes us wonder, "why do service applications/services advertise from Google?". Although not disturbing, but it can reduce the confidence of the costumers.

5. DiligentConvert – Convert Credit to Money

 Nih aku kasih tahu cara agar pulsa tersebut bisa jadi uang 6 Aplikasi Convert Pulsa Jadi Uang Tunai Terbaik

Developer: SiRajin.com

Rating: 4.7/5 (Google Play Store)

Size: 3MB

Number of downloads: 10K+

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sirajin.cvpulsa

Just like Converin, RajinConvert also has a minimalistic appearance that is easy to use. On the front page of the application, you can directly have a provider whose credit you want to convert.

In addition, at the bottom right of the application, there is also an icon which, when pressed, displays a page. Now that page contains a history of transactions made through the diligentconvert application by all users of this application. Of course the idea is really good because it can grow the dogma of customers.

The conversion rate of this application is also quite large. 0.77 for XL and Axis, 0.8 for Tri, and 0.75 for Telkomsel. Unfortunately RajinConvert does not provide Indosat and Smartfren providers for convert options.

6. BrilliantKD Store – Convert Credit

 Nih aku kasih tahu cara agar pulsa tersebut bisa jadi uang 6 Aplikasi Convert Pulsa Jadi Uang Tunai Terbaik

Developer: CV. BrilliantKD Store

Rating: 4.5/5 (Google Play Store)

Size: 8MB

Number of downloads: 10K+

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.otoreport.briliankdstore

The last best pulse converting application is called BrilianKD Store. Not only for converting credit into money, this application also serves various other financial needs. Examples such as Top Up various e-wallets, bank transfers, online motorcycle taxis, and toll cards. In addition, Gaming Store and PPOB payments are also available at BrilianKD Store.

Unfortunately this application is not user-friendly. Because, the appearance of the front page is very crowded and seems difficult to operate (most dishes). Maybe you need time to get used to the application.

The rate convert is also not mentioned in detail. This application only provides a convert calculator. However, I myself have added the converts manually. The convert rates for Telkomsel are 0.8, Indosat 0.6, XL/Axis 0.8, and Tri 0.83.