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6 Most Famous Tourist Places in Aceh

6 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Aceh That Must Be Visited While On Vacation - Known as the earth of the Veranda of Mecca, Aceh not only has a very strong religious culture, Aceh also has a wide and beautiful nature.

Not a few domestic and foreign tourists who spend a century of vacation in Aceh. And where are the most visited recreational areas? Check out the 6 most popular recreational areas in Aceh that you must be able to visit while on vacation!

6 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Aceh That Must Be Visited While On Vacation

1.Tsunami Museum

The most famous tourist spot in Aceh, the first you must visit when having a picnic is the tsunami museum.

The tsunami museum keeps the history of the Tsunami that occurred in Aceh, besides that you can also see the names of the victims of the 2004 tsunami that occurred in Aceh.

You can also feel a great sensation when you go through the first hallway in this tsunami building.

In this hallway you can hear the roar of water and the running of water which describes the tsunami that has occurred on the earth's foyer of Mecca.

2. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is one of the most famous recreational areas in Aceh, in addition to the splendor of its buildings, this glorious area holds a lot of history from century to period.

Starting from the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda to being a silent witness to the tsunami that occurred in Aceh, which also hit this mosque, but with the power of Allah, this mosque did not collapse.

This Baiturrahman Grand Mosque has 7 minarets and a black dome, in front of this mosque there is also a black tub accompanied by a shower, so that it will enlarge the impression of the grandeur of this mosque.

3. Rubiah Island

The next most famous recreational place in Aceh is Rubiah Island, the name of Rubiah Island is based on the tombstones found on this island. On this island you can also do diving and snorkeling activities.

Rubiah Island has an amazing underwater beauty, one of which is the beauty of colorful coral reefs in the sea of ​​Rubiah Island, you will feel amazed when you see the beauty of this island by diving.

Rubiah Island is located in Sabang, west of Weh Island. Located in a strategic position, this island every year attracts domestic and foreign tourists to explore Rubiah Island.

4.Lhoknga Beach

The most popular recreational place in Aceh that you must visit while on vacation is Lhoknga beach, this beach is not too far from downtown Banda Aceh, is a distance of 20 km from downtown Banda Aceh.

What makes travelers want to visit this area is the blue and turquoise green sea water, besides that the sand on this beach is also sloping, perfect for a vacation with your beloved family.

5.Iboih Beach

Having a beauty that is so beautiful and phenomenal, there is no doubt that this beach is the most beautiful and popular beach in Aceh, this beach has a beauty in the form of white and fine sand and the water is turquoise green and bright blue, making this beach interesting to visit at a picnic. .

This beach also has a stunning underwater beauty, which you can explore by diving, you can even see the underwater beauty when you are on a boat, because the water on this beach is so transparent.

6. Blang bak waterfall

The Blang pool waterfall is the most beautiful and most popular outdoor recreation area in Aceh. It will take you 30 minutes to go to the Blang bak waterfall from downtown Banda Aceh.

No wonder this place is the most beautiful and popular recreational area in Aceh, because the nature is still beautiful and really awake, making people who are exposed to the splash of water feel cool and peaceful, the tourist area of ​​​​the Blang Pool waterfall is very suitable for those of you who want to vacation with family or a partner beloved.

Those are the 6 most famous recreational places in Aceh that must be visited while on vacation, hopefully it will enlarge your insight and insight and can be useful as a vacation reference.