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7 Online Applications For Booking Airline And Train Tickets


Eid is a precious moment to gather and spend time with family. As a result, the celebration of Eid is synonymous with going home or pulkam.

In addition to letting go of homesickness, going home also intends to connect the relationship with relatives. As Allah commands in Surah An-Nisa: 1 that Allah commands His servants to maintain family kinship. In this case, connecting and maintaining the silzhturahmi rope to fellow Muslims.

Strictly Allah SWT also describes how important it is to maintain the ties of friendship. Because, in addition to opening the door of fortune, maintaining friendship is a form of getting closer to Allah SWT.

"O human! Fear your Lord who made you from Adam and Eve. Of the two, Allah created male and female to maintain offspring. Therefore, fear Allah SWT in whose name you ask each other. And maintain family relations, shoulder to shoulder Allah always guard and watch over you." (Surat an-Nisa: 1)

However, to connect the ropes of friendship, sometimes we are faced with obstacles. For example, long queues for ticket reservations. No doubt, many of us are dominated by booking tickets long before Ramadan.

Due to this phenomenon, many online applications offer ticket reservation features. Not infrequently, these applications also provide discounted prices to support the needs of the population. In addition, the existence of online travel applications is simpler and more efficient, so that reservations can be made from anywhere.

Of course, this makes it easier for you to shop for tickets in the last minute or suddenly. Interests such as attending sudden family programs, business trips or other urgent interests you can take.

So, what applications provide online ticket booking features? How do you order it? Here we summarize the review.

1. Traveloka

Founded in 2012, Traveloka concentrates on domestic travel. Not only plane tickets, Traveloka also provides train tickets, internet packages, pulses as well as entertainment. Interestingly, you can also book a hotel for vacation purposes.

Tips for buying Eid clothes

Don't forget to do the payment to receive the booking code, OK!

That's an online ticket booking application that you can try. Before going home, don't forget to set a time and budget so that your finances are structured. Happy holidays, happy connecting with friends!