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8 Best Tv And AC Remote Applications of All Brands

Technological advances and the growth of mobile applications have made everything easier, for example, currently controlling TV and air conditioners can be done only with a smartphone and applications for TV and AC remotes, so you don't need a physical remote anymore. Attached below is a list of TV and AC remote applications that you can try

1. Anymote Universal Remote + WIFI Smart Home Controller

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6. AC Freedom

Application Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.broadlink.acfreedom

The next AC remote control application is AC Freedom. Where AC Freedom has a minimalist and lightweight performance. Several major AC brands such as LG and Samsung have been supported by this application. In addition to having a function to adjust the AC, you can also see the "health" condition of the AC being used, along with other parameters. Besides that, there is also a feature to adjust the AC timing.

The AC freedom application does not require an IR sensor to operate, but uses a WIFI network, this allows you to operate the remote to the AC without the need to direct the remote to the AC. To be able to start using this application, we only need to connect a smart phone with AC

The AC Freedom application is a remote control application with cloud procedures. A variety of charming features and a good user interface make this application a must try.

7. ASmart Remote IR

Application Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.raon.aremotefreegalaxy

The next AC remote control application is ASmart Remote IR, which is an application made by NXRsoft. This application is fairly successful in gaining many downloaders on the Play Store portal. Besides being easy to use, this application is very suitable for casual users who want a simple and easy to recognize AC remote control application, instead of offering a lot of UI and buttons. In addition, this application supports use with other devices in the form of TV, Settop Box, DVD/Blueray Player, Project and many more.

This application uses IR (Infra Red) in order to do the job. One of the features of this application is being able to control the temperature of the air conditioner. Some smartphones that support this application include Note 3, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. This app is 100% free and only works with Android smartphones that have IR (InfraRed). This application supports many brands and models of air conditioners used.

8. Castreal Remote

App Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.castreal.remote

To use the Castreal Remote application, make sure the smartphone you are using already has an IR (Infra Red) device. This application can be used for various brands and types of air conditioners. Besides being able to be used to adjust the air conditioner, it can also be used for other devices such as TV, DVD, Radio and many more. For the record, there are several brands/types of AC that are only available on the paid plan.

After this application is installed and opened for the first time, you will be asked to choose the AC model you are using, then the application has not asked again why it has been stored in the database. Devices that can be managed include: TV, Audio CD, Radio, DVD, DSLR, Blu-Ray disc, Air Con (A/C), and projector.

That's a collection of the best TV and AC remote applications. Each application with another application certainly has assistance for various devices, you need to determine which one is right for the TV/AC you are using,

because each application has different characteristics and configurations. For that, it is necessary to evaluate by watching the specifications or descriptions of the related applications carefully www,helmykediricom