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8 Ways to Maintain the Body's Immune to Fight Covid-19 in Ramadan

Healthy living during the COVID-19 pandemic has become a daily habit for Indonesians, even throughout the world. Especially when entering Ramadan, Muslims need to pay more attention to the example of eating and daily activities to fight COVID-19.

Of course, Muslims who do fasting experience fatigue, weakness, laziness, or sleepiness. These conditions need to be balanced with the struggle to maintain the body's immune system. Therefore, I will review about how to maintain the body's immune to fight covid 19 in the month of forgiveness. Here's my review:

1. Eating Nutritious Food

Foods that have sufficient nutrients and minerals are able to make our fasting worship go well and do not interfere with health. Such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk, and foods that contain carbohydrates, rich in fiber, fat, and sugar.

Some foods that are rich in fiber can also make the body feel full longer, as I have reviewed in a previous post. Well, we can consume nutritious food during sahur, iftar or when calm after tarawih prayers.

2. Consuming Vitamin Foods

When fasting, our bodies really need nutrients and vitamins to protect the immune system. Well, one of the vitamins that is important for the body is vitamin C. In addition to protecting the immune system, vitamin C is effective for preventing cardiovascular disease, pregnancy problems, eye diseases, and skin problems. Some foods that contain vitamin C are vegetables and fruits such as oranges, papaya, broccoli, and chilies.

In addition to vitamin C, we can also promote the immune system by eating foods that contain vitamin B complex, vitamin E, calcium, iron and turmeric extract. Consuming foods with vitamins during the month of forgiveness can also ward off various diseases caused by viruses and germs.

3. Eating Foods That Contain Zinc

Zinc is a type of metal that has a function to help the immune system work. Zinc also helps minimize mortality due to pneumonia and diarrhea, and prevents respiratory swelling. The body needs zinc content to maintain health and help the process of progress.

If our body lacks zinc, then our night vision becomes bad. In addition, it also causes the length of the wound healing period, decreased sense of taste and smell, decreased ability to fight infection, and poor growth of reproductive organs. Well, foods that contain zinc are protein-rich foods such as meat, a variety of seafood, and nuts.

4. Drink Enough Water

When it's time to break the fast, we usually drink something sweet, right? In fact, what the body expects most is water, you know. Water is useful for maintaining the body's immune system. It doesn't mean that you don't want to drink elegant drinks, but it's better to drink enough water first.

A weak body during fasting requires sufficient water when breaking the fast. The dose is eight glasses a day. We can drink water at dawn, iftar, or before going to bed.

Also keep in mind, consuming excess sugar can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Well, these diseases can weaken the body's immune system. Therefore, if you can, try reducing sugar consumption in this month of forgiveness to maintain the body's immune system.

5. Exercising moderately

In addition to observing consumption patterns, we are also able to maintain health by exercising in this month of reward. The exercise does not need to be heavy, just as necessary, the main thing is the body is able to move and sweat. Sports that can be done such as push ups, sit ups, gymnastics, yoga and even home hygiene. If you are afraid that your body will be tired, you can do the exercise 20 minutes before breaking the fast. Well, when it's time to break the fast, we can immediately drink water.

6. Keeping Clean

The health of our bodies also needs to be supported by maintaining cleanliness. We need to continue to get used to washing hands, maintaining distance and wearing masks. By maintaining personal and environmental hygiene, our bodies can stay healthy to fight COVID-19 during Ramadan.

7. Get Enough Rest

A healthy body also needs adequate rest. At least, our bodies need rest time by sleeping for 6 to 8 hours per day. That way, we can continue to maintain a healthy body and minimize stress for our mental health.

8. Don't Forget to Have Fun

How to maintain body immunity to fight covid 19 in Ramadan needs to be done with fun. We are able to do whatever can make us happy and happy. We can do things that make us happy in simple ways. Such as writing, reading, discussing, watching movies, singing, playing music, planting and others. Having fun, can make our mental stay awake and reduce stress for sure.

So, here are some reviews on how to maintain your immune system to fight COVID-19 in this month of blessings from me. Hopefully this article is useful. Happy fasting, stay healthy and don't forget to be happy.