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A Simple Way to Plant a Butterfly Flower

Benefits of Telugu Flowers(Clitorea Ternatea L.) is too much for human health. As I have reviewed in a previous article, research describes the benefits of the Telang Flower. Telang flower is useful for warding off frustration and degenerative diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammation, liver damage and curing asthma.

Well, this time I will review a simple way to grow Telang Flowers. For those of you who want to plant Telang Flowers in the yard, in the garden and so on, please see my tips, guys.

1. Prepare the Telang Flower Seeds

Telang flower seeds can be found in stores or anyone who sells Telang flower seeds. However, this Telang Flower is actually a wild plant. So, if you are able to find Telang Flowers around the house, then you are one of the lucky ones, guys. You are also lucky if you have friends who are kind and like to make plant seeds.

After receiving the Telang Flower seeds, you can choose which seeds are feasible and which are less viable. The trick, soak the seeds in water for three to five minutes. If there are seeds that float, you can get rid of them because they are indicated to be of low quality.

The sunken seeds are left between 7-12 hours. This is done to support the seeds so that they can grow and germinate more easily.

2. Seedlings of Telang Flower

Before sowing the Telang Flower seeds, you need to prepare the seedling media. You can use containers such as trays, used cans, or polybags. My advice, you can use polybags that have been perforated at the bottom for water circulation.

Next, prepare the soil, husks or dry leaves, and compost or manure in a ratio of 1:1:1. My advice, you can use the soil around the bamboo trees. The reason is, bamboo trees never get sick and under the bamboo trees there are microorganisms that help plants.

After that, fill the container with seedling media until it is filled . The seeds have been soaked for 7-12 hours and then dried naturally. Then, plant the Telang Flower seeds with a depth of approximately 0.8-1.2 cm from the surface of the seedling medium.

Spray the surface of the seedling media with water spray. Then, cover the top with a perforated clear plastic. Store the container in a shady area and ensure that the seedling medium is always watery. Telang Flower Seedlings will begin to germinate within two to seven days. If the seeds have developed for five weeks and have released two to five leaves, the seedlings are ready to be planted.

3. Moving Telang Flower Seeds Ready for Planting

Move the Telang Flower seeds that are ready for planting into a larger pot. Then, place the small stones at the bottom of the pot. Fill the pot with a mixture of soil, husks or dry leaves and compost or manure with a 2:1:1 composition.

Prepare wood or iron as a medium for propagation. Install perpendicular with a distance of 4-8 cm. Take the Telang Flower seeds in the seedling medium along with the roots and plant them in pots. Don't let any part of the plant roots get scratched or broken during the transfer process, guys.

4. Take care of the Telang Flower Plant

How to care for the Telang Flower Plant is very simple, is to water it in the morning and evening. Try, the planting media is exposed to exclusive sunlight, yes, guys. But, if it is not exposed to direct sunlight, it is enough to water once in the morning or evening. When the Telang Flower plant has grown tall enough, you can gently tie the plant towards the propagation medium (wood or iron).

In addition to watering, you can also do fertilization. You can use liquid organic fertilizer or calcium fertilizer every two weeks. You can also use fertilizer from the Telang Flower itself, such as dried stems, leaves and flowers. The reason, because the best fertilizer for plants comes from the plant itself.

5. Harvest the Eggplant Flowers

Usually, the petals of the Telang Flower will appear after the plant is more than forty days old. So, the harvest era can be between 49-73 days after planting. When you harvest the Telang Flower, of course it feels very happy, right, guys. I congratulate those of you who are able to enjoy the various benefits of Telang Flower for health.

6. Save the Pea Flower Seeds

If you want to keep growing Telang Flowers, of course you need Telang Flower seeds. So, you need to estimate, how many Telang Flowers you want to consume and how many Telang Flowers you will need to get the seeds.

How to receive the Telang Flower seeds is really simple. Let some of the Blossoms dry (from purple to brown). Telang flower can produce seeds at the age of 110-150 days. After that, pick the dried Telang Flower. Prepare a container, like a tray, then dry in the sun. Just wait for the Telang Flower to break away and bounce off the seeds.

After that, you can save the Telang Flower seeds for the next planting. Store the Telang Flower seeds in a dry and hygienic container such as a glass bottle used for jam or plastic clips. Make sure the container is tightly closed and store in an area with low humidity (below 15 degrees Celsius).

That's a review of a simple way to grow Telang Flowers from me. Please share this article if you think this post is useful. Happy planting and let's have fun.