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Advantages of Ordering a Travel Car on Traveloka

Vacation is an activity that many people really want. The density of work events or limited free time, makes the assumption that it is easy to stress and the body always feels tired. Therefore, a picnic is needed by everyone, because a vacation can refresh the perception as well as increase the spirit of work. During the holidays, of course, we need means of transportation, right?

For those of you who have a car, this is not a dilemma. But for those who do not have an exclusive vehicle, they are forced to use public transportation or rent a four-wheeled vehicle. For those of you who don't have a personal vehicle, now you don't need to worry anymore, because Traveloka currently provides travel car vehicles that you can order online. This is the advantage of ordering a car travel online at Traveloka.

Practical and Easy

One of the advantages you get is that you canorder a car travel online at Travelokavery easily and simply. You just open the Traveloka application, then select the type of rental you need. Is it just the car or the driver? After that, you decide the location or place you want to rent a car. After that, set the rental time, starting from the rental start date, pick-up time or car pick-up time, and also the end date of the rental and the time.

After that you will be given the option of a car that you can rent along with the price. After you choose the car you want to rent, don't forget to read the terms and conditions. If you can fulfill the terms and conditions, you just need to fill in the customer data, then make the payment. After that you will immediately get an e-ticket or proof of rental. Very easy and practical isn't it.

There are various types of cars to choose from

Another advantage that you can get by ordering a travel car from Traveloka is that you are free to choose the various types of cars provided at Traveloka, both automatic and manual cars. The cars that you can choose at Traveloka start from four-wheeled vehicles with a capacity of 4 passengers to a capacity of 7 passengers.

In addition, the car brand options are also very diverse, including Toyota Agya, Calya, Avanza, Daihatsu Sigra, Honda Brio, Kijang Innova, Mitsubishi Xpander, Innova Reborn, Toyota Fortuner, Pajero, and other four-wheeled vehicles. You are free to choose which car you want to rent.

Guaranteed Security

You don't need to worry about security because Traveloka only works with trusted travel parties so that your safety is truly guaranteed. In addition, you can also see the rating of the car you want to rent and see reviews from people who have rented the car.

So you can determine the best car and have proven quality and service. In addition, Traveloka also guarantees your safety, so that if there is a problem, you can report it to Traveloka so that it will be processed as soon as possible.

Can Refund and Reschedule

Another advantage that you can get by renting a car through Traveloka is that you can refund or reschedule several rental cars. If you have made a payment and suddenly your event is absent, you can cancel the car reservation and the money you have paid will be 100% refunded.

Of course this must be in accordance with the terms and conditions. In addition, you can reschedule if the event you have set is unable to. However, this refund and rescheduling service is only valid if the four-wheeled vehicle you rent has a refund and rescheduling sign on it. So before you make a rental, check the terms and conditions first.

Offers Many Promos

Another advantage that you can get by renting a car through Traveloka is that you can receive many attractive promos and price discounts from Traveloka. This is definitely very beneficial for you.

Perlu kamu tahu bahwa Traveloka saban hari memberikan promo dan bagian harga yang menarik buat kau, sehingga kamu mampu mengurangi ongkos perjalanan dan piknik kamu semakin menggembirakan. Itulah beberapa laba melakukan rental kendaraan beroda empat travel di Traveloka.