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An easy way to get rid of cotton buds left in the sense of hearing

Mastrigus.com- Despite the controversy about the threat of cleaning the sense of hearing with a cotton bud (bribe curek), until now I still use an object like a stick candy grip with cotton on the tip to clean the ear.

Until now I have not been able to move on from cotton buds to clean the senses of hearing or just use it as a substitute for the index finger to scratch the ear when itchy, we know that the ear hole cannot accommodate the index finger.

So when the ear canal itch, whether the reason is getting water in or sweating or indeed a lot of dirt (curek), one way to reduce the itching is to use a cotton bud.

Actually, there is another method that I used to use when I was little, namely by using chicken feathers. In my opinion, chicken feathers are the solution to cleaning the ear canal, definitely after cleaning. Apart from being able to absorb water, chicken feathers are not easily damaged because they are wet.

But nowadays it is rare for chickens to roam and drop their feathers, let alone living in the city. Almost never find chickens that live on the sidelines of our lives.

Are Cotton Buds Really Dangerous?

True, cotton buds are indeed a threat to be used to clean hearing, if you are not careful. Because in principle, the small ear hole serves to protect the sensitive area of ​​the ear canal.

And based on the clarification of hearing experts, the presence of impurities in the sense of hearing (curek) actually naturally protects from small animals that enter the ear canal accidentally.

The texture of the earwax is sticky and has a bitter taste (if you're not sure, lick it yourself) effectively traps small ant-like animals from going deeper into the eardrum, and again serves to kill the small animal.

The danger that arises when cleaning hearing with a cotton bud is when the dirt is cleaned. In addition, it can be more dangerous if the cotton swab is left in the ear canal.

Practical ways to remove cotton buds left in the ear

I myself often experience situations like this, both consciously and unconsciously. Once upon a time unknowingly while cleaning his hearing with chicken wing feathers, there was an object that managed to come out (entangled in chicken feathers), it turned out that the object was a cotton bud.

The cotton is already blackish brown, my prediction is that the cotton has long been left in my hearing without me understanding.

When I write this article, a few minutes before I was cleaning the ear canal with a cotton bud, and the cotton was left in the ear. I'm not afraid the reason is that I already know how to get it out easily.

Here's how:

  1. Take another cotton bud, pull a little cotton that is at the very end, and try not to let it all off.
  2. Twist the cotton fibers to form strands (like threads)
  3. Put it in the ear, and rotate it slowly (use the instinct that the cotton swab touches the remaining cotton)
  4. Then pull the cotton bud, then the remaining cotton will be pulled out by the cotton bud that has been twisted earlier.
  5. Do it to success.

The shape of a cotton bud that has been modified to pick up objects in the sense of hearing is something like this:

The way it works is actually quite simple and makes sense. The remaining cotton is cotton that is not too tightly bound to the cotton bud stem. It is released when played in the sense of hearing. It could be because the production quality of cotton buds is not sweet. My advice, choose a nice cotton bud if you don't want to be left in the ear.

The loose cotton usually disperses, it is no longer dense cotton, so many cotton fibers are easily tied to similar objects.

By making modifications to the cotton bud as shown above, it is possible to hook the cotton left in the ear. The process of twisting (twisting) the cotton is an attempt to hook or tie the object so that it is carried away when the cotton is pulled.

The image below is the result of my practice. The thing I circled in yellow was the cotton that was left in my ear. Alhamdulillah.

Therefore, if by chance you experience something similar to what I experienced, there is no need to panic. Please do the same as my example, hopefully it will be successful. And if you experience problems, please go to an ear doctor to get special treatment that is more professional.

Thank you for stopping by at mastrigus.com, so that the article Practical Ways to Remove Cotton Buds Left in the Ears will be useful for all of us.