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Application Procedures for Online Web-Based School Info

The demands of the all-digitalized era require various school institutions to be able to implement the digitization of school news to make it more transparent and easier in implementing school administration.

The reason is that if schools are still regulated in a conventional and manual way, it will dwarf the school itself. However, competition between schools that are able to apply school digitization methods is getting tougher.

The more schools are able to apply digitalization to the school management system, the more beautiful the branding will be. This affectstrustsociety, that schools are also able to develop and keep up with the times.

For example, regarding how schools manage school finances, if in the past schools still used the SPP card and still use it, it is no longer relevant and seems out of date.

Of course, SPP management will be easier if the SPP card is replaced with an application, where the school is able to notify the SPP bill through an application that can be recognized by students and parents.

If it is implemented, of course, financial transparency between schools, students and parents can be achieved, and schools do not need to bother collecting tuition fees for students and parents because it is integrated with the application.

Another example is how to maintain the polarization of the relationship between teachers and students, teachers need to create scores for each test given to students, and students need to know how much value they get from the test results.

If in the past the students could understand the value of the paper that was printed and pasted on the glass, now it can be practiced more easily. For example, through web pages or applications that can be accessed by students with their own accounts, and can be understood by parents.

Not to mention talking about other school administration, such as managing school facilities and infrastructure, managing school curriculum and learning systems, managing school correspondence for both incoming and outgoing letters, and publishing student report cards.

In the past, all of these things could be done manually, everything could be done well, but is this efficient and effective and can be integrated with one another?

Of course the answer is no, because it is still manual. All of these things can be integrated if we apply digitalization to the school management itself.

Get to know the School Information System

The School Information System is a collection of several online modules that have been integrated and can be accessed by all teachers, homeroom teachers, school staff and students and parents / guardians of students to help develop the effectiveness and efficiency of school management.

The online modules include:

  1. Integration Dashboard Module,
  2. School Biodata Module,
  3. School Administration Module,
  4. Student Administration Module,
  5. Employee and Curriculum Module (nis, class, walas),
  6. Hourly Attendance Module Lessons in class by the teacher,
  7. fingerprint Presence Module,
  8. CBT / Online Exam Module,
  9. Student Billing Module,
  10. Learning Progress Module (RPP),
  11. Student Module,
  12. Report Module
  13. School Infrastructure Module
  14. School Library Module
  15. School Financial Accounting Module
  16. PPDB Online Module
  17. Elearning Module
  18. School Website Module
  19. Bank Payment Integration Module via Virtual Account
  20. Public Relations Module
  21. Facilities and Infrastructure Module
  22. Etc

All of these modules are connected to each other, making it easier for school management to manage and can be accessed at one time and in one sitting by only one person.

It is very easy if this can be done, especially by the school. Because in addition to reducing time, it certainly minimizes the effectiveness of school management performance.

However, all of these accommodations cannot be made easily, the reason being that the digitalized method of school information cannot be made by people who do not have special application development skills.

If you are a teacher or school employee who does not know programming languages, there is no way you can make an application for school information methods.

Because this is the work of greats. That's right, again this is the work of programmers.

So how can schools be able to create an integrated School Information System?

There are only two choices, make your own by involving experts, or by shopping for existing procedures.

It's just that the two options are not cheap options, because they both provide fairly large funds.

Of course we can create cheap applications if the school has employees who can speak programming languages, but this is very, very rare.

I need an Online Web-Based School Information System Application

True, I need the application, I'm looking for advice on the right application for the management of the application.

I have searched on search engines for Online Web-Based School Information System Applications but so far have not found an application that matches my goals.

If the reader knows or has the application, please email my offer to mastrigus@gmail.com.

Hopefully this news is able to get the makers of the Online Web-Based School Information System Application according to what I need.