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Benefits of Katuk Leaves Able to Launch Artificial Breast Milk (ASI)

My mother once told me that so that your wife's breast milk would be unimpeded, find katuk leaves and turn them into vegetables. Old people in ancient times used the leaves to treat difficult breast milk to come out.

Katuk leaves are foodthe most beautiful breast milk launcher, that's what my mother ordered, I once tried it on my wife and the result was good, my wife's milk production became uninterrupted.

Although this is an insight into the legacy of our ancestors, but now in the modern world, katuk leaves are proven to be able to launch breast milk.

However, not many young mothers know this knowledge, parents often do not pass their knowledge on to their female children, even though it is very important.

ASI is an acronym for Air Susu Ibu, this milk is usually made by the body when a woman gives birth. The natural process that God has outlined is only for women.

For men, don't expect much to be able to produce breast milk, until whenever you will never have breast milk, be aware. Also for virgin women, sucked all day will never come out milk.

Eit, don't be scary first. The sucker for breast milk is not just verbal, if you don't believe it, please see the picture below, the sucker for breast milk.

Actually, it's not just katuk leaves that can be used as a breast milk booster -- which is a lot more expensive -- but according to the insight my mother gave me, only this leaf is recommended.

Then I want to know, why are katuk leaves relied on to promote breast milk? What is contained in katuk leaves? Then how to process katuk leaves into breast milk smoothing food?

I then looked for information, what substances are contained in katuk leaves? If katuk leaves are able to facilitate breast milk, is it not able to launch a fortune?

Benefits of Katuk Leaf According to Research In order not to be a trial and error issue, I refer to the research of Soraya Rahmanisa and Tara Aulianova, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lampung, entitledThe Effectiveness of Extraction of Alkaloids and Sterols from Katuk Leaves (Sauropus androgynus) on Breast Milk Production.

Breast milk (ASI) is very important for babies, especially at the beginning of their life. Breast milk (ASI) is a good food for babies because it contains many nutrients and is able to provide natural immunity.

Some traditional ingredients can help facilitate the release of breast milk. In order to produce breast milk, you need 600 calories per day.

Therefore, mothers who are breastfeeding should eat more than usual and be more nutritious, calories of 550 cal/day and 17 grams of protein per day with high amounts of vitamin A, thiamin, and riboflavin.

For this reason, it is necessary to have food that is comparable to the same principles as a pregnant woman's food, but in greater quantity and with better nutrition. If the artificial milk is not good, the food that is proposed to be consumed by the mother, such as katuk leaves.

Katuk leaves have a much better iron content than cassava leaves or papaya leaves, are also rich in vitamins A, B1 and C. In addition to being rich in protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals, katuk leaves also contain tannins, saponins, and alkaloids. papaverine.

The content of alkaloids and sterols in katuk leaves can increase the quantity of breast milk production so as to promote the production of breast milk. Breast milk becomes more abundant because katuk leaves are able to promote glucose metabolism for lactose synthesis so that milk production increases.

According to the research above, breastfeeding mothers who were given katuk leaf extract at a dose of 3x300 mg/day for 15 days continuously, since the second day after giving birth, were given a 50.7% increase in milk production.

Know the characteristics of Katuk Leaves

Katuk leaf (Sauropus androgynus) has been known in traditional medicine in South and Southeast Asia as a medicine to increase breast milk.

Katuk is a clump of plants, in the form of shrubs with a height of about 3-5 meters, the stems are growing and woody. If the tip of the stem is trimmed, new shoots will develop to form branching. The leaves are small like Moringa leaves, green.

Katuk including plants that really bloom, the flowers are small, dark red to yellowish with red spots. From flowers can be small white fruit.

Katuk leaves are leaves from plantsSauropus adrogynus (L) merr, familyEuphorbiaceae. in some places, the call for katuk leaves is different, for example, the Malays call it mata, the Minangkabau call it simani, the Sundanese call it katuk, kebing and katuk for the Javanese, kerakur for the Madurese.

Katuk plants can be propagated by cuttings from woody stems, about 20 cm long, sown first. After being rooted for about 2 weeks, it can be transferred to the garden, the distance of the plant is 30 cm long and 30 cm wide. After reaching a height of 50-60 cm, pruning is carried out so that young and fresh leaves are always obtained.

Benefits of Katuk Leaves for Health

There are a myriad of benefits resulting from katuk leaves, not only the leaves, even the roots of the katuk leaves also have benefits.

Katuk root is used by drying it first, boiled water from the dried katuk root can help launch and reduce fever.

Apart from being good for health, Katuk leaves also contain beta carotene which is quite high so that it can help eye and skin health. The mineral content is quite a lot, especially iron which is useful for helping the production of red blood cells.

In addition to launching breast milk, katuk leaves also have several benefits, including yaws, constipation, ulcers, and as a natural dye. It turns out that there are many advantages

How to Process Katuk Leaves to Increase Breast Milk

How to use katuk leaves in vegetables or salads is not simple, especially for urban residents who are troublesome to receive fresh ingredients every time, so it is offered that it is easier to use, namely in the form of extracts or pills.

But for villagers who easily accept katuk leaves, they can process them into vegetables. But don't forget to keep the first boiled water to get more benefits.

Actually, it's not just katuk leaves that have a function as a breast milk launcher, in principle all dark green vegetables can launch breast milk, such as papaya leaves, cassava leaves, long beans and spinach.

However, in reality, nursing mothers who have consumed katuk leaves trust katuk leaves more as a breast milk promoter than other vegetables because it has been proven that breast milk production for nursing mothers has increased more than eating other vegetables.

Several observations show that pregnant women who are teenagers and primigravida have a greater tendency to have difficulty breastfeeding their babies for the first time compared to mothers who are older or who have breastfed before.

In some breastfeeding mothers experience interference with the production of breast milk. The effectiveness of the alkaloids and sterols contained in katuk leaves is able to promote the production of breast milk. So that the need for breast milk to be given to babies during the period of exclusive breastfeeding can be fulfilled after the mother consumes katuk leaf extract.

Now from this review we have known the benefits of katuk leaves, if you want to read more about the results of the research, you can visit the link below:


So my review may be useful for all of us. Do not forget to consult a doctor if your health problem does not improve.