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Benefits of Kebo Rubber for Health

Rubber Kebo - I got this information for the first time from Bang Adhy Suryadi, the owner of the kompiajaib.com blog who is still consistently showing his knowledge of blogging through his posts.

As I understand it, Bang Adhy has been given a pretty heavy ordeal by Allah SWT, he has suffered from paralysis since he was in high school, he fell during extracurricular activities, causing his legs to not function properly.

He has been treated everywhere, either going to the doctor or using alternative medicine, but until now he has not been able to restore the condition of his legs to 100%. But what inspires him is that he never tire of trying to heal his feet. Even though every time I try it, it always ends in disappointment.

Once upon a time I sentjapanese antTo him, at that time the Japanese ant was known to be able to improve blood circulation, intending to help ease his burden, I sent the Japanese ant to Pangandaran and he succeeded in breeding.

However, the name is not yet matched, the herbal medicine has not been able to mediate the healing of Bang Adhy's leg.

A few moments later, he called me asking about the existence of kebo rubber in Trenggalek, I, who had just heard about the plant, then asked my friends a question.

And thank God, based on their information, these plants thrive in Trenggalek. Since then I have realized the name of this flora, which I actually have seen many times in everyday life.

Get to know Kebo Rubber

Rubber Kebo in performance looks like the picture above. I took the picture from the park in the Trenggalek Bapeda office. The existence of Karet Kebo is not entirely in the forest.

Before people knew the benefits of rubber kebo for health, they used Rubber Kebo as an ornamental plant, even referring to the type of dwarf ornamental flora or commonly known as bonsai.

The old kebo rubber leaves are green, but when they are young, these leaves are purple, especially when they are still buds, the color of the leaves is mostly purple. The leaves of Karet Kebo are single alternate, oval in shape and rather thick and have a smooth surface. The stem is erect, round and has branches and is brown. When we touch, the surface of the bark is rough.

Based on the information I got, this plant has green petals with a bowl-like shape, black anthers and a yellow ribbon-shaped crown and has a smooth texture. This flower will eventually become a blackish green fruit and become seeds.

But completely I have never seen the flowers of this plant the reason is that it is rare and indeed artificial flowers can only be found on plants that are already large.

However, although it bears fruit and produces seeds, Karet Kebo can be propagated by stem cuttings. Local residents generally only need to take young tree trunks and plant them in damp land, these plants are able to regenerate themselves so that they become flora with independent trees.

In each place this kebo rubber has its own place name, if in Java, this plant is better known as kebo rubber or red rubber. In aceh it is called Bak Rambong, in West Sumatra it is called Batang Kajai. In England there is also this type of plant and is commonly called a Rubber Plant, where it is more used as an ornamental plant or a protective plant. This plant is in fact capable of long-lived and can grow up to 25-30 meters.

Benefits of Kebo Rubber

Basically, Karet Kebo has spicy and neutral characteristics. The spiciness is able to strengthen the lungs and its neutral character can neutralize various kinds of poisons. Rubber kebo in the world of alternative medicine is often used as a harmonic of various medicinal plants (dough).

Various benefits of Kebo Rubber for health are:

  1. Promote blood circulation
  2. Strengthens Lung Organs
  3. Overcoming Stroke
  4. Treating Mag
  5. Cure Boils
  6. Launch Menstruation
  7. Healthy Stomach
  8. Prevents Itchy Skin
  9. Prevent Hypertension
  10. Overcoming the Candidate

Every benefit that I have written above is taken from various references, both expert information and clarification from those who have used kebo rubber as an alternative medicine for health. According to expert knowledge, you can watch this video:

Processing Kebo Rubber For Medicinal Ingredients

According to Bang Adhy Suryadi's explanation, who had eaten kebo rubber as an alternative herbal medicine, kebo rubber could simply be processed into a brewed drink. This drink is like tea so you can drink it anytime.

First of all, the leaves of the kebo rubber that have been successfully removed are cleaned, especially from the dirt that is attached. As a thick-leaved flora, usually there is ash attached or commonly used by insects as a house. The leaves are washed until clean and then air-dried so that the water attached to the leaves dries quickly.

When the leaves are dry from the washing water, then the leaves are cut into small pieces. The purpose of dividing the leaves into small parts is to speed up the drying process when dried, and which makes it easier to store. Small leaf pieces also make it easier for us to brew as needed.

Then dry the cut leaves under the hot sun, if the drying is carried out intensely, within 3-5 days the kebo rubber leaves are dry. Then store in a dry place, not damp and not too exposed to the wind. So far, the kebo rubber can be eaten.

How to Use Kebo Rubber

The dried leaves are ready to eat, but must follow the process one more time. Because what is needed from this kebo rubber is the juice from the leaves, what needs to be done is to replace the kebo rubber juice stored in dry leaves into liquid so that it is easy to eat.

Take the kebo rubber that has dried sufficiently, but before that, cook the water until it boils, if it is boiling, please put the kebo rubber into the hot water. Wait a few minutes for the water to turn dark brown. The color indicates that the kebo rubber leaves have been successfully extracted and mixed with water.

Wait for the kebo rubber extract to get warm (warm tai ayam) please drink by taking enough with a glass. If you don't like the taste, feel free to add sugar as needed. Drink regularly but don't overdo it.

So I can write this post, so that the information contained in it can be of use to you. If you have a deeper issue related to the health benefits of kebo gum, please add it via the comments column.

Thank you for reading.