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Canon Mp287 Printer Driver

Canon Mp287 Printer Driver- For those of you who are looking for a printer to support your work, but are still confused. Then you can try to buy a multifunction printer from Canon, namely the Canon MP287 printer.

 Bagi Anda yangs sedang mencari printer untuk menunjang pekerjaan Anda Printer Canon Mp287 Driver
Canon Mp287 Printer Driver

Because this canon mp287 printer is a printer with a fairly affordable price but has many advantages, such as the presence of donationscanon mp287 printer driverwhich of course can really help you in the operation of the printer. So, here are some of the advantages of the Canon MP287 printer.

Multifunction Printer

The first advantage of the Canon MP287 printer is that this printer is a multifunction printer. So you can use this printer for all kinds of needs such as copying, scanning and also printing documents. Well of course with these features will be very helpful for those of you who do have a lot of needs to print documents.

That's why this canon mp287 printer is a printer that is much preferred, in addition to the presence of feature accessoriescanon mp287 printer driveralso of course will really help you to operate this printer.

Low price

The second advantage or advantage of the Canon MP287 printer is that the price of this printer is quite cheap, which is only 900 thousand rupiah. Now for a price below 1 million you can already receive many advanced and really effective features. Therefore, it is not strange that various printers or printer shops propose a Canon MP287 printer for you to buy with an affordable budget.

So if you have a limited budget but still want to get a cutting-edge printer with many features, then you can shop for a canon mp287 printer.

Good Printing Quality

The next advantage of the Canon MP287 printer is that the printing quality is quite sweet for a printer at a price of less than 1 million rupiah. This good print quality can be produced because of the latest feature, namely Canon Fine Cartridge Inkjet printing technology.

Minimalist and Lightweight Printer Design

The next advantage of the Canon MP287 printer is its very minimalist and lightweight design. So it is very suitable for those of you who like minimalist performance, besides that the reason is that this printer is also quite light so it will be very suitable for those of you who often move work places.

Good Printing Speed

The advantage of the Canon MP287 printer is the printing speed of this printer which can be said to be quite good. Because for the black / white printing speed, it prints a number of 8.4 ipm, while it takes 4.8 ipm to print color ink for this canon mp287 printer. In addition, you can also use this printer to print photos with a size of 4 x 6 in just about 43 seconds.

Now with that speed, of course this canon mp287 printer is one of the fastest printers at a price of 900 thousand rupiah. So for those of you who need a printer with good print speeds but low prices, then you can buy a canon mp287 printer.

Large Enough Print Resolution

The next advantage is that at a price below 1 million this Canon MP287 printer also has a fairly large print resolution. Now for the print resolution itself is in the range of 4800 x 1200 and is accompanied by Variable-Sized Droplet technology. So this printer is perfect for those of you who often print with a fairly large resolution.

Equipped with Flatbed Type Scan Machine

The next advantage of this Canon printer is that it has a flatbed type scan engine, so it will be very suitable for those of you who frequently scan documents. Besides that, in the process of scanning the Canon MP287 printer, it also carries the Contact Image Sensor procedure or commonly abbreviated as CIS. And also for the scan resolution is 1200 x 2400 dpi and the optimal scan size is A4 Letter (216 x 297 mm).

Equipped with Hybrid Ink System

The last advantage of the Canon MP287 printer is that there is a hybrid ink procedure that can make your prints brighter and sharper. So it is very suitable if you use it to print color images such as photos and stickers. In addition, determine also to choose the type of ink that is of good quality so that the print results will be maximized and make you satisfied.

Now in addition to having advantages, of course this Canon MP287 printer also has weaknesses, such as the maintenance process which is quite troublesome, the cartridge will leak easily if you use refill ink and also the mainboard which is easily damaged due to the position of the cartridge which is below. But of course these shortcomings are still acceptable considering the price of this printer which is quite cheap.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the canon mp287 printer, then next you should also know about the drivers that can be used for the canon mp287 printer. So, here are some brief explanations about the Canon MP287 printer driver.

The canon mp287 printer driver is a software that was also developed by canon to help maximize the operation of the printer through a windows pc. Canon also provides 2 types of drivers for the Canon MP287 printer, namely drivers for print and scanners. This driver is also compatible for all versions of windows pc, so you don't have to worry anymore. Well, the installation method is similar to the following:

  1. First, you must first download the canon mp287 printer driver application. To download it, you are usually offered a CD containing the driver for the canon mp287 printer. But if your pc or laptop doesn't have a driver CD then you can download it on the internet.
  2. Second, after the final download process, next you left click on the driver file and select the run as administrator option.
  3. Third, then to speed up the process you can go through the welcome chat by specifying next.
  4. Fourth, then after that select the Asian option and select next. After that a dialog will appear asking for approval, and select yes.
  5. Fifth, after that wait until the driver installation process is complete.
  6. Sixth, if the installation process is complete and the connect cable dialog appears then select cancel and then finish to complete the installation process.

Now after the process is complete, the driver installation has been successful. But if you wantcanon mp287 printer driverable to work properly then you can restart your pc first. That was some news about the canon mp287 printer and its drivers that you can know, so that the article above can help those of you who are still nervous about shopping for a printer that fits your budget and needs.