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Complete Hotel Financial Management Application

Hotel Management Software Indonesia- Hotel Management Application, which is an application specifically designed to help record all hotel administration needs both those in the hotelFront Officeas well as those inBack Office. In more detail, the Hotel administration application is complete when it has integrated the similar recording needsReservation, Guest in House, House Keeping, Guest Bill, Daily Report, Room Statistics, Group Management, General Ledger, Purchasing, Inventory, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Job Costing, Financial Report, Resto POS, Room Service Bill, Laundry Bill, Charge to Roomand others that cover the needs of the hotel itself.

Actually all the recording needs function only for two main purposes in business, namely recording losses and profits. Every business always needs capital (capital), and every capital issued for a business, always has the main goal, is to receive profit or profit.

However, in the business world it is impossible to deny the importance of evaluating the results of the capital that has been issued. Both the results of profits or losses are two things that must be observed, so this is where the importance of financial records, namely to find out the results of the business evaluation, whether to receive a profit or even get a loss.

So it is certain that every business, be it hotel business, savings and loan business, gas station business and other large-scale businesses need tools in the form of financial management applications. The nature of the need for the application is not only to facilitate financial recording, but also to function as a business analysis tool. I have appliedGas Station Financial Management Applicationand it becomes easier.

Inhotel businessThere are various items that must be recorded in detail in order to get a proper and accurate company evaluation. Needs such as recording cash, bank finance, accounts receivable, inventory, income, financing, bills etc., purely cannot be considered as unimportant. It should be understood that looking at the progress of the hotel business does not only refer to the turnover found, but also looks at other sectors that are part of the integration of hotel wealth. It is impossible for you to control the wealth of the hotel with the employees if you do not master a thorough financial analysis of the hotel.

Looking for a Complete Hotel Management App

One of the hotel management applications that you can use to manage hotel administration is the Armadillo Hotel Application, an application specifically designed to facilitate managementhotels, homestays, inns, villas, guest housesand similar businesses.

Of course there are lots of applications offered by the makers, but before deciding to shopHotel Management Appfirst note what features you need. The problem of determining the applicationHotel Management Appnot something that can be taken for granted. It's better to choose the right application as expected to be carried out at the beginning of opening this business, the reason is to change the applicationHotel Management Appin the middle of the road is hard. It takes extra effort to input everything from scratch.

However, if you have used the hotel administration application and want to switch to the Hotel Armadillo application, it is not difficult, because there is support from them that allows you to help move all existing reports to the Armadillo procedure.

Why am I discussing the Armadillo Hotel App?

It's about trust, I've used the app beforegas station financial managementand taste it. Also more important is the after-sales service they provide is also beautiful. We don't need to install it ourselves because they have prepared method support resources that will definitely make it easier for the owners of the struggle.

There are severalArmadillo Hotel Appwhich can be used to suit your hotel needs, including:

1. Armadillo Hotel Front Office System (FO)

Armadillo Hotel is a computerized systemFront Office Hotelsimple, where the existing modules (Reservation, Reception, cashier and house keeping) are made as simple as possible referring to the minimum conditions that occur in a lower-middle class hotel. By using it you don't need to know how to make a hotel front office report, and also don't need to know how to journalize (financial bookkeeping) a hotel business.

The Armadillo Hotel Property Management System (PMS) for Front Office (FO) System offers users the following benefits:

  • Only displays selected features that are most often used in the hotel business, making this system EASY AND SIMPLE
  • PAY ONLY ONCE No Annual (or monthly) Fees
  • There is no limit to the number of rooms, there is no limit to the number of TRANSACTIONS, there is no limit to the number of guests, there is no limit to the number of users
  • Link with Back Office (Accounting) Program – Automatic Journal and Automatic Link with travel Agent receivable management
  • Link with Restaurant Program (Armadillo Resto) – Charge to Room options, Automatic Accounts Receivable and financial reports can be combined with the cashier's Front Office report
  • LIFE TIME WARRANTY (paid when you bring in the support team only)
  • ONLINE support available
  • System in progress (UPDATE)

2. Armadillo Accounting Back Office System (BO)

This application accommodates most accounting features, by integrating with the Armadillo Hotel Front Office System application, there will be many conveniences that can be obtained. Some of the features in the Armadillo Accounting Back Office System are:recording and reporting of Purchases, Sales, Payables, Receivables, Inventories, Cash Bank, Journal, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Consolidation. By using this application you can easily make cash reports.

3. Armadillo POS Resto / F&B System

Armadillo POS Resto / F&B System is a Point Of Sales (POS) software specifically designed for the business of restaurants, restaurants, fast food, depots and other culinary businesses.

Not just sales software, Armadillo Resto has also been integrated with the Back Office (Armadillo Accounting) system, where you can manage raw materials (Inventory), accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial bookkeeping up to the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss.

Equipped with a kitchen Management (Kitchen) menu, Menu List and Recipe Module.

4. Armadillo Hotel Online Mobile Report

Armadillo Hotel Online Mobile Report is a mobile application that can be used to facilitate reporting checks, suitable for company owners or administration to receive real-time reporting.

All of these applications are built individually, meaning they are not in one application, but all of them can be combined because they use an integrated system. So, you can buy the most needed apps, not all of them.

The term FO is used to abbreviate front office applications and the expression BO is used to abbreviate Back office.

For example, if you have a small-scale guest house hotel, you can only use the Armadillo Hotel Front Office System (FO) application. If you have a hotel that doesn't disappoint, but doesn't have a restaurant and room service, you can simply use FO and BO.

As for the Armadillo POS Resto / F&B System application, you can use it if you have a hotel that has a food stall. Even without having a hotel this application can be used. For example for food stalls, restaurants, shops and stalls.

This application is originally made by Indonesian children to support the hotel, Homestay, Inn and restaurant business which is made by taking into account the needs of hotels in general. Keep on supportingHotel Indonesia Software.