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Culinary That Makes You Fuller Longer, Right To Try During The Month Of Blessing

For friends who do Fasting, surely you will feel a little weak and restless because you are trying to hold back hunger. I suspect that some of you are eating secretly because it doesn't affect hunger. If you are one of the residents, I'm sorry.

Therefore, I will give one solution so that you are strong enough to withstand hunger. The trick is, you need to eat foods that can make you full longer.

Maybe you wonder, why did you eat a lot at sahur but how come the next few hours you are hungry again? Well, this is proof that you need to determine what food is right so that your fullness can last longer. Therefore, take a look at some suggestions for dishes that can make you full longer.

1. Soybean

Soybeans are high in fiber and protein. Well, fiber and protein is what makes us feel full longer. In addition, soy protein does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar after meals. This is because soy protein has low fat, low carbohydrates, and low glycemic index. If our blood sugar and insulin levels are stable, our hunger will decrease.

We can consume various processed soybeans during this glorious month. Such as boiled soybeans, tempeh, tofu, soy milk and others.

2. Nuts

Legumes are very rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, B vitamins, and iron, as are peas, edamame, and lentils. Nuts are high in fat, but low in calories. In addition to showing the effect of making you feel full, nuts are also healthy. The combination of fiber, protein and fat in nuts makes us feel full longer. So we eat fewer calories a full day.

3. Apple

Apples can make you full longer because they slow down the digestive process. A medium-sized apple has 4.4 grams of fiber. A medium-sized apple or weighing about 100 grams, contains 52 calories consisting of 86% water, 0.3% protein, 13.8% carbohydrates, 10.4% sugar, 2.4% fiber, and 0.2 % fat.

In order to be full for a long time, we need to eat fresh apples, half an hour before eating. In addition, it is recommended to eat apples without removing the skin, yes. This method is done so that the fiber and water in the apple content can fill our stomach. If this method is done at dawn, the fiber and water from the apple content can minimize the body's need to eat during the day.

4. Avocado

Eating avocados can keep us full longer. This is because avocados are rich in fiber which is good for the body. One medium avocado has 13.5 grams of filling nutrients. In addition, avocados contain high doses of monounsaturated fats (good fats). In 100 grams of avocado, there are 160 calories containing 73% water, 8.5% carbohydrates (mainly fiber), 15% fat, and 2% protein.

5. Eggs

Eating eggs can make us feel fuller than other foods. This is because eggs have the perfect and healthy variety of protein and fat. In one large chicken egg, there are approximately 6 grams of protein and 9 amino acids. Although egg yolks have high cholesterol levels, liquid egg whites also contain protein that can delay hunger.

6. Vegetables

Vegetables such as cucumber, spinach, broccoli, carrots, celery, and cabbage, have high fiber and are rich in water content. Such vegetables are very low in calories and high in antioxidants. It is this fiber that includes mass for our diet. So, we can be satisfied to continue to chew and feel our stomach full longer.

7. Clear Broth Soup

If you feel hungry quickly after eating fried or grilled chicken, maybe you need to turn it into a clear broth soup. The combination of liquids and solids from a warm soup broth can suppress our appetite. Vegetable and meat broths (chicken/red meat/seafood) have non-fat protein and rich fiber. So when eating clear broth soup, a variety of liquids, vegetables and chicken will take up a lot of space in our stomachs. In addition, clear broth soup is also low in calories, you know.

In addition to making you full, the dishes that I recommend are also good for health. Keeping the dose of food and pay attention to calorie intake is very important. The benefit for health is to maintain body weight at an ideal figure. In addition, it is also useful for reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases due to poor eating habits, such as type 2 diabetes.

A few reviews of culinary proposals that can make me full for a long time. We can consume it at dawn, iftar, or when relaxing after tarawih prayers. Hope this post is useful. Happy fasting, stay healthy and don't forget to be happy.