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Difference between Rohan M and Rohan Online Pc

Rohan M or Rohan Mobile, which has just been released, is immediately popular in the eyes of its fans, how not, I proved it myself, after I played this game, it turned out that a lot of old players had been disappointed by lytogame (disappointed because the server was closed).

However, despite carrying the same name, the mobile version of Rohan's game is far from the game on PC. The first thing that can be noticed that this game is the same as the PC model is the opening music. Indeed, the music is the same. There are several things that distinguish the Rohan Online PC game from Rohan Mobile, I will discuss in more detail in the following review:

Difference Between Rohan Mobile and Rohan Online PC

1. NPC System

Non Playable Character or abbreviated as NPC, is an object in the game in the form of letter objects that can be humans or certain characters, called NPCs because the characters cannot be controlled by the player. In the PC model Rohan Online Game, this NPC is used to accommodate certain menus or features.

For example, NPC Gayetano who is in Par'Talucca City (coordinate G-4) functions as a Master Weaponsmith, so it's kind of like upgrading weapons. This NPC system requires us (players) to communicate to buy and sell or use the services provided by the NPC. So that the imagination of the game becomes more similar in actual life.

However, in Rohan M NPCs like this were almost non-existent. Although I encountered several NPCs, not to trade (buy and sell) or use certain features, but to do quests.

The need to trade, upgrade weapons or armor, forge weapons or armor and do other things in Rohan M just by pressing the button on the menu. Even to leave goods, we only need to come to the city and press the lower right button, the box icon opens then saves the goods. No need to walk to meet NPCs.

Actually, Rohan M's procedure is more practical, but in my opinion it is less interactive. There are no memories with NPCs.

2. Automatic Passive Skill On

When playing the computer version of Rohan Online, have you ever experienced an error during war. You forgot to activate the passive skill which in fact is the mainstay skill of every player. The effect of the inactivity of passive skills, of course, our attacks and defenses become barren.

But when playing Rohan M, this will never happen, the reason is that passive skills are not a kind of character power but only add numbersbattle pointsonly, although the point is the same, only adding numbers.

But in the game, we not only want our char or game characters to be strong, but also want a wild imagination. Imagination that is able to be represented in the game will definitely create memories for the players. Influential memories of this game certainly increase profits for developers. Instead if you want to delete the game and create it again.

3. Character Design

Yup, Rohan M's character design is very different from Rohan Online Indonesia, which makes me annoyed. For example, when we change armor, on the PC model the difference between one armor and another when used is very visible. In Mobile M, the most obvious character differences are only seen when changing to custom.

So it's not armor that distinguishes but custom. This mobile version seems to reduce important features that used to be an idol for its players. In the past, wearing the graham armor set was more popular for players, especially if you had used the natu armor set, the characters would definitely be cooler.

4. Pets are not permanent

Pet is a pet that can add options for char letters. Or also add features that of course make the character more powerful. Pets in the desktop online spirit can be owned permanently. This means that it is not an item that is traded in a certain period of time. But in Rohan M, we have to reach into our wallets to receive a pet, even then it's only limited to 30 days.

I get a pet bunny (a floating sun bear) only when there is an event, and even then it's only 7 days. Furthermore, I do not use a pet if there is no event. Yes, you know I belongpoor gamers, hard to spend money on games. Although I consider this unsportsmanlike.

5. PVP Only in Certain Country Map

In Rohan online PC we are able to do PVP (player versus player) or attack each other between players on maps of all countries, but cannot PVP in cities. This is what impresses the player. I still remember when I was hunting (leveling) I was suddenly attacked by a bunch of incarnation guilds. I'm still at a small level, so I have to be private.

In Rohan M, we cannot do PVP in any area. only in certain countries are we able to carry out war until the color of the name is vibrant red. So, if you are a player who only spams selling armor sets or weapons, you are really safe playing in Rohan M.

So, those are some of the things that distinguish Rohan Moblie from Rohan Online PC, of ​​course there are many other differences. if you know, please add it in the comments column.