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Domainesia Cheap Service To Create Online Store Website

Mastrigus.comThe Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the population's economic income. Are you one of them? Calm down guys, you're not alone. If you are trying to earn income with your own business products, then creating a business or online store is one of the best solutions.

In order for your business to run well, you need to create a website. Website is one of the media that you can use to trade online independently.

Well, websites generally need a domain and hosting, if you decide to use WordPress, but you only need to buy a domain if you use the Blogspot platform. Like mine.

If you want to buy a domain and hosting, I recommend usingdomain and hosting services from DomaiNesia.

Why DomaiNesia?

The most logical reason and in accordance with the pandemic conditions is because domainesia is cheap.

You can use DomaiNesia with the cheapest domain prices starting from Rp. 11,000 for one year.

Very cheap right? In addition, there are more than 80 other cheap domain extensions.

Of course, DomaiNesia provides well-known domain extensions such as .com; .net; .xyz; .on line; .id; and .co.id.

Just check other economical price domain names on DomaiNesia. Approximately Rp. 11,000 capable of what?

It's very easy, pleasecheap domain name checkon the domainesia.com page then type the domain name you want to buy. Very practical.

Not only cheap, guys, DomaiNesia is also of high quality. Best Indonesian Hosting, in fact. Do not believe? Prove it yourself, I have used it many times.

There are many advantages that you can get at DomaiNesia. All cheap domains at DomaiNesia are equipped with DNS management features.

This feature can help you connect your domain with your WordPress blog, Blogspot, Tumblr, and other website platforms.

Then, there is a domain forwarding feature, so that all domains at DomaiNesia can be directed to other URL addresses such as social media account addresses, portfolio addresses and of course your online store account address, guys.

The next advantage that you get from DomaiNesia is the super fast Solid State Drive (SSD) technology.

All Hosting and Virtual Private Servers at DomaiNesia are supported by the latest technology using 100% Enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) as storage media.

So, this SSD technology will make your website performance super fast.

It's cheap, good quality, lots of excellent features, super fast again. Eiittss…there are other advantages.

You can get a maximum security loan. Your website defense will be stronger because DomaiNesia has CloudFlare Railgun, SSL, Anti-virus, Anti-malware, and Imunify360.

Then, so that your email doesn't get spammed, DomaiNesia completes your hosting with MailChannels Spam Filter.

Then, so that your website loads even faster, DomaiNesia has cache management with WordPress Accelerator. The performance of your website can improve.

With all the generosity and quality of DomaiNesia, you still have doubts?

Calm down guys, DomaiNesia gives you a guarantee. DomaiNesia provides a money back guarantee for the first 20 days for hosting services if you are not satisfied with the service.

If you are still in doubt, just try the DomaiNesia service first. You can try ordering an economical package for domain and hosting. Then, all you have to do is host the website.

If you want to increase your knowledge about domains, hosting, how to create and manage websites, DomaiNesia offers many guides.

There are many guides provided on the DomaiNesia website. This guide is specially designed for you. The contents of the guide are explained in easy-to-understand language in detailstep by step.

Of course, there are several combinations for those of you who will create an online store with the DomaiNesia service. One of them with a blend entitled "How to Create an Easy Online Store".

In the guide it is stated, you can create a website from ZERO, if you understand programming languages ​​such as PHP, Javascript, HTML, Python and so on. Plus, if you also have knowledge about domain hosting, web security, and several other skills.

But if you don't understand programming languages ​​and don't have that knowledge, you can use a Content Management System (CMS). In essence, this CMS is a ready-made website, so you don't have to bother making it from ZERO. You just need to adjust the contents of the website as you want. Of course, if you want to use the easy way to create an online store, you just have to use a CMS, right.

After that, you can start step by step to create an online store. Just five minutes, guys. The step by step is like this:

  1. Go to www.domainesia.com.
  2. Choosing an Online Store.
  3. Choosing Hosting and Domain.
  4. Create an Online Store Account.
  5. Enter the Trolley.
  6. Paying Bills.
  7. The Online Store Is Ready!

Check out the full mix at DomaiNesia...

Oh yeah… If you need other tutorial advice about domains, hosting, how to build and manage a website, you can ask the Support Team directly via live chat on the DomaiNesia website.

If there are still expressions and clarifications that you don't understand or there are obstacles after you dostep by stepFrom the guidance offered, you can also ask directly.

Even during the pandemic, DomaiNesia is still able to serve you online 24x7 non-stop.

No need to wait a long time, a few minutes after you ask, the DomaiNesia Support Team will immediately answer it. Great right?