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Download the Complete 2021 Calendar Design Cdr : Java-Hijri-AD

Complete 2021 Calendar Design- Thank God, as a result, I ended up doing the 2021 CDR model year calendar design. This is a priority for me because there are various messages that enter the WA inbox asking for the 2021 calendar design.

Indeed, for the past few years I have consistently provided CDR model calendar designs for those who need it, this habit I started in 2018. Thank God I received supplementary pocket money from there.

This time, I designed the 2021 Calendar for the Yearfull colorYes guys, without omitting important items, such as the Javanese, Hijriyah and Christian calendars because they are always important items. You can see the details as seen in the image below.

To be able to accept this calendar, as usual, there is a cost that you have to pay, this is a form of symbiotic mutualism between you and me. Not only that, I designed this calendar with sincerity so that the answers are detailed and can be edited.



Since 2021 is already underway, I'm no longer selling this calendar, but I'm giving it away for free to anyone. Please download the 2021 calendar via this link:2021 calendar.

In this Google Drive folder, there are various types of calendars, there are 2021 Java almanacs, various versions of Corel Draw 2021 Calendar Designs, and also 2021 PNG HD calendars. Please suck it all up.


And for those who expect the 2022 Calendar, please click this link:Download the 2022 Calendar

By purchasing the 2021 calendar, you will get 1 bundle of .Rar files which include

  1. The complete 2021 calendar design exists in .cdr
  2. All calendar fonts that appear in the design.
  3. ICC Profile corel draw
  4. 2021 calendar PDF
  5. There are a total of 13 items in the file and all of them can be edited as you wish.

All the files I give the reason is it could be that my computer settings and yours are opposite, and there are fonts that sometimes other computers don't have. That's why I added all of these design files so they can be opened and edited again.

Every object in this 2020 calendar design template can be edited, such as: Font, Color, Font Size, and other objects. I purposely made it that way to make it easier for calendar designers.


However, I don't make this calendar free or paid or premium. So, to receive this calendar you must buy it from me. Take it easy, the price is not expensive, for designers this calendar can be included as an investment. So it's impossible to lose, the only reason is to buy a 2020 calendar template from me.

For those who want to order, please contact me via the button below.


For the price, I'm selling2021 calendar planat a price of 25 thousand via Telkomsel credit, so it's cheap and easy to receive right.


In addition to the CDR version of the 2021 calendar design, I also provide2021 calendar.PNG models. This version can be a good design, but can't edit to the most detailed. For example Fonts and Colors. Because it has been patented.

You can get this 2021 PDF calendar model for free, meaning you can directly download it by right-clicking on the image and then saving it on your computer storage.

By downloading this file, you don't need to buy a 2021 calendar file for the CDR model, but you are not free to edit.

Holidays in 2021

This calendar is also equipped with holidays or red dates, complete with the Gregorian, Hijri and Javanese calendars. So it is easier to observe the date of the holiday in accordance with our daily habits.

January 2021 Holidays

In January 2021, there is 1 red date other than Sunday, January 1, 2021, which is New Year's Day.

February 2021 Holidays

In February 2021, there is 1 red date other than Sunday, February 12, 2021 coincides with the 29th Wage Jumadil Akhir in the Javanese calendar, also coincides with the 30th Jumadil Tsania 1442 Hijri Calendar.February 12th is Chinese New Year

March 2021 Holidays

In March 2021, there are two major celebration days, namely Isra' Mi'raj Prophet Muhammad SAW which falls on March 11, 2021 AD, 27 Rajab 1442 Hijriyah, Thursday 27 Legi Rejeb 1954. And the second is the Day of Silence which falls on March 14, 2021.

However, only 1 major holiday that adds to our holiday time, which is March 11, while Nyepi Day does not increase the holiday time because it coincides with Sunday.

April Holidays 2021

In April 2021, we only receive 1 holiday accessory, which is Friday, April 2, 2021, which is the day of the death of Jesus Christ. Coinciding with the 19th of the Javanese calendar and the 19th of Shaban 1442 Hijriyah.

May 2021 Holidays

In May 2021, it seems that we will receive many additional holidays, including those on March 1, 13, 14, 26, 2021. However, for Eid al-Fitr, as in general, we have to wait for the government's decision.

June 2021 Holidays

Holidays for July 2021

August 2021 Holidays

Holidays for September 2021

October 2021 Holidays

November 2021 Holidays

December 2021 Holidays

So, those were the elements in the 2021 calendar design made by Mastrigus.com. Please call me if you want to get the premium model.

Thank you for visiting Mas Trigus' blog.