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Download the Complete 2022 Calendar Design Cdr: Java-Hijri-AD

Download the 2022 Calendar CDR - Mastrigus.com re-releases the Calendar Design for the Year 2022. As we have been doing so far.

Even though I have designed the calendar from 2018 to 2022, the display design is always different Every year my calendar design is unique.

The 2022 calendar is made more generally dominated by green, guys, as a form of assistance to Green Indonesia. But you can still change the color according to what you want yourself.

As in previous years, the calendar design still retains important items, such as the Javanese, Hijriyah and Masehi calendars because they are always important items.

And still as usual, to be able to get an editable 2022 calendar design file, you have to pay first.

I set this so that there is a symbiotic mutualism, I can make a profit and you guys accept it by spending money to buy a master file for the 2022 calendar design.

CDR 2022 2022 Calendar Design

By purchasing the 2021 calendar, you will receive 1 bundle of .Rar files which include

  1. The complete 2021 calendar design exists in .cdr.
  2. Available for Corel X2, X4 to X7.
  3. There is a font as shown in the picture.
  4. ICC Profile corel draw.

I not only show the 2022 Calendar CDR file but also show other assets so that the settings I apply can be enjoyed by you too.

For those who don't have money, you can still enjoy my work, because I provide a PNG model 2022 Calendar Design.

But the resolution is not as big as the original, the reason is that I have compressed the size so that it doesn't increase the load on this web too much.

Download Calendar January 2022

Download Calendar February 2022

Download March 2022 Calendar

Download Calendar April 2022

Download Calendar May 2022

Download Calendar June 2022

Download Calendar July 2022

Download Calendar August 2022

Download Calendar September 2022

Download Calendar October 2022

Download Calendar November 2022

Download Calendar December 2022

To buy the Complete 2022 Calendar Design CDR Please via the button below


Several times I created the 2022 Calendar design intending to help friends who need a raw calendar design for printing needs. That's why I don't charge a high price.

The price I gave was cheap and I was able to pay with credit and by bank transfer. Once again, the application of this calendar price to make it easier.

The printing of the calendar made a profit and I also received a reimbursement for the cost of designing the calendar. Although this calendar is simple, I made 2 full days.

Sometimes I don't like it when we are tired of creating designs and then there are other bloggers who then copy without permission and republish them.

They seem to just want it to be delicious without thinking about how difficult it is to make this calendar carefully and painstakingly.

How to Design a 2022 Calendar

Creating a calendar design is complicated, there are many items that we must observe carefully. In principle, there should be no mistakes in affixing numbers on the calendar. If it goes wrong it can mislead people.

Making calendars can be used in various applications, let's say the most commonly used applications for making calendar designs are Corel Draw and Photoshop applications.

You can also create calendars in Microsoft Word or Excel, but for customization purposes it's much easier to use the apps I mentioned above.

I usually create a calendar that takes two days, the first day to control the accuracy of the numbers, both Gregorian, Hijriyah and Javanese numbers. Also creates important days such as holiday red dates.

For example, putting holidays like those listed below, the special condition is that they must be placed in the correct number, otherwise they will be misleading.

List of national holidays and joint leave in 2022

  1. January 01 / New Year 2022 AD
  2. February 1st / Chinese New Year 2573 (Tiger)
  3. March 1 / Isra Mi'raj Prophet Muhammad SAW 1443 Hijriyah
  4. March 3 / Holy Day of Silence New Year 1944 Saka
  5. April 15 / Death of Isa Al Masih (Jesus Christ)
  6. May 01 / International Labor Day
  7. May 26 / Ascension of Isa Al Masih
  8. May 2-3 / Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijriyah
  9. May 4-6 / Joint Leave for Eid Al-Fitr 1442 Hijriyah
  10. May 16 / Vesak Day 2566
  11. June 01 / Pancasila Birthday
  12. June 30 / Joint Leave for Eid al-Adha 1443 Hijriyah
  13. July 10 / Eid al-Adha 1443 Hijriyah
  14. July 30 / Islamic New Year 1443 Hijriyah
  15. 17 August / Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia
  16. October 8th / Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1443 Hijriyah
  17. December 24th / Christmas Holiday
  18. December 25th / Christmas Day

Only then on the second day I concentrated on the appearance, such as improving the layout, adjusting the colors, determining the font type, making everything coherent and pleasing to the eye.

Making the design look pleasing to the eye is the most difficult, because if the combination is wrong, it becomes unsightly to look at. Just look at some of the posts about the 2022 calendar that people see. They like to choose to control the color.

Oh yeah why am I explaining all this?

Because making the 2022 calendar is difficult, and the reason is that it is difficult, it cannot be carried out by anyone, let alone a printer that has a lot of work targets. If you can get a CDR model 2022 calendar design that can be customized again, why create your own.