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Download Java Calendar 2021 Or Java Almanac 2021 Cdr

Almanac 2021 Java or Javanese kelander 2021 is a Javanese calendar procedure commonly used by Javanese people in the royal period. Although currently Java no longer applies the royal method, the culture of using Javanese almanacs is still preserved.

The Javanese calendar system also uses a count of days for 7 days but different names or parables, for example for Sunday, it is called Radite, Monday is called Soma, Tuesday is called Anggara, Wednesday is called Buddha, Thursday is called Respati, Friday is called Sukra and Saturday is called Saniscara.

UPDATES:Download the 2022 Calendar

In addition, what is special about the Javanese calendar is the presence of Wuku. Wuku is part of a cycle in the Javanese and Balinese calendars of seven days (one week). The wuku cycle lasts 30 weeks (210 days), and each wuku has its own name. The calculation of wuku (Javanese: pawukon) is still used in Bali and Java, mainly to determine "good days" and "bad days" and is related to weton / nepton.

Wuku Names in Java and Bali

  1. Sinta - Batara Yama (Sunday Pahing - Saturday Pon)
  2. Landep - Batara Maheswara (Sunday Wage - Saturday Kliwon)
  3. Wukir, Ukir1 - Batara Mahayakti (Sunday Legi - Saturday Pahing)
  4. Kurantil, Kulantir1 - Batara Langsur (Sunday Pon - Saturday Wage)
  5. Tolu, Tulu1 - Batara Bayu (Sunday Kliwon - Saturday Legi)
  6. Gumbreg - Batara Candra (Sunday Pahing - Saturday Pon)
  7. Warigalit, Wariga1 - Batara Asmara (Sunday Wage - Saturday Kliwon)
  8. Warigagung, Warigadian1 - Batara Maharesi (Sunday Legi - Saturday Pahing)
  9. Julungwangi, Julangwangi1 - Batara Sambu (Sunday Pon - Saturday Wage)
  10. Breech - Batara Gana Ganesha (Sunday Kliwon - Saturday Legi)
  11. Galungan, Dungulan1 - Batara Kamajaya (Sunday Pahing - Saturday Pon)
  12. Kuningan - Lord Indra. (Sunday Wage - Saturday Kliwon) This Sunday, Kuningan Day falls on Saturday-Kliwon.
  13. Langkir - Batara Kala (Sunday Legi - Saturday Pahing)
  14. Mandasiya, Medangsia1 - Batara Brahma (Sunday Pon - Saturday Wage)
  15. Julungpujut, Pujut1 - Batara Guritna (Sunday Kliwon - Saturday Legi)
  16. Pahang - Batara Tantra (Sunday Pahing - Saturday Pon)
  17. Kuruwelut, Krulut1 - Batara Wisnu (Sunday Wage - Saturday Kliwon)
  18. Marakeh, Merakih1 - Batara Suranggana (Sunday Legi - Saturday Pahing)
  19. Tambir - Batara Siwa (Sunday Pon - Saturday Wage)
  20. Medangungan - Batara Basuki (Sunday Kliwon - Saturday Legi)
  21. Maktal - Batara Sakri (Sunday Pahing - Saturday Pon)
  22. Wuye, Uye1 - Batara Kowera (Sunday Wage - Saturday Kliwon)
  23. Manahil, Menail1 - Batara Citragotra (Sunday Legi - Saturday Pahing)
  24. Prangbakat - Batara Bisma (Sunday Pon - Saturday Wage)
  25. Bala - Batara Durga (Sunday Kliwon - Saturday Legi)
  26. Wugu, Ugu1 - Batara Singajanma (Sunday Pahing - Saturday Pon)
  27. Wayang - Batara Sri (Sunday Wage - Saturday Kliwon)
  28. Kulawu, Kelawu1 - Batara Sadana (Sunday Legi - Saturday Pahing)
  29. Dukut - Batara Varna. On this Sunday, Anggara Kasih Day falls on Kliwon Tuesday which is considered sacred by the Javanese. (Sunday Pon - Saturday Wage)
  30. Watugunung - Batara Anantaboga. (Sunday Kliwon - Saturday Legi) This week falls on Saturday Umanis, namely Saraswati day which is considered sacred by the Balinese.

Download Java Calendar 2021 or Java Almanac 2021 CDR

Apart from creatingCDR Complete 2021 Calendar Design : Java-Hijri-ADI finally designed a Javanese calendar or almanac in 2021. This is because of an invitation from several partners to include an almanac on the calendar.

So I made this 2021 Java Almanac hopefully it can be used for the purposes of creating a calendar design in 2021.

However, I do not offer this Javanese almanac for free, because I do not want to make design services into services that are considered free, but have a price. Doing design requires application mastery skills and also requires unlimited imagination. There is time, thought, effort and even costs incurred by a designer.

The 2021 almanac example that I have made is like this, I don't add too many ornaments so that it doesn't add to your burden when you want to re-edit.

If you want this calendar please click the button below, this button will direct you to my WA number.


It feels good to be able to make a Javanese calendar or a 2021 Javanese almanac, so that this can ease the burden on calendar designers and printers who need this file. thank you