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E-Sim Registration Easy Way

Mastrigus.com- Not many people know the E-SIM. Currently, Indonesia is one of the countries that have used it. However, not all Indonesian operators offer e-SIM, for now only smartphones have issued e-SIM starter packs. The e-SIM technology allows users to activate a salular package without the need to use a nano SIM.

In addition, not all Android or iOS are able to use e-SIMs, so that e-SIMs are less ogled by residents. Apple, Latest Samsung Galaxy, and Iphone are the devices that implement this technology. But how to activate it? Here's how to register an e-SIM card:

  1. Go to the existing settings on the iPhone and select salular stroke, then click add salular.
  2. If it has been controlled, there will be an invitation to scan the QR code belonging to the e-SIM.
  3. Scan the e-SIM QR code on the starter pack.
  4. If the scan is successful, a mobile package description will appear that is ready to be included in the iPhone.
  5. After that, click on the mobile extras plan at the bottom. Wait until the activation to the final network is done.
  6. When finished, a network will appear in the upper left corner of the cellphone screen.
  7. The last thing is to register by entering your NIK and KK Number to 4444.

The use of e-SIM is indeed more profitable because there is no need to remove the starter card in the cellphone. However, at this time the population has not really looked at it and maybe some of them are using e-SIM. Even so, Smartfren will continue to develop e-SIM and will establish several collaborations with devices in Indonesia.

Smartfren will be the first and only network operator to provide e-SIM services. You can get a wide variety of current information about e-SIM only through the Smartfren website.

On the Smartfren website, you will receive various kinds of news, info, promos and several posts that you can read. If you are worried there is also information about features and others. Wait no more, try something new. Wouldn't something new lead to even better innovations in the future?