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Employee Cooperative Software

Employee Cooperative Softwareis a computerized application that contains simple accounting management and is specifically designed for savings and loans business, where every module (donations, savings, bank cash deposits, journals and others) is integrated. So that users of this application will be more effective and efficient in creating journals, and can automatically create profit and loss reports easily and quickly.

One of the Employee Cooperative Software that has been widely trusted and used by Employee Cooperatives is the applicationArmadillo Savings and Loans. Which of these applications can be used onsaving and loan cooperative,Employee Cooperative,Village Unit Cooperativeand the like, both KSP and USP.

ApplicationArmadillo Savings and Loansclaimed to be easy to use because it is based on the Windows operating system and uses the Indonesian language. The existing modules are adapted to the interests of savings and loan cooperatives such as: Data of Depositors and Borrowers, Loans and Deposits Transactions, estimated interest on deposits and loans in the form of Daily (decreased) or Flat interest, Calculation of time savings (deposits), cash outflows and banks and so forth.

The Advantages of the Employee Cooperative Application

  1. Savings interest can use the average interest method or interest from the minimum balance.
  2. The method of calculating the interest rate can be in a declining system (pay interest only) or flat (pay principal and interest).
  3. Can add and choose any transaction passcodes contained in the protection module or savings module.
  4. The printing design of the saving card form can be controlled by yourself.
  5. There are posts for principal and mandatory savings.
  6. Can be separated between the assumption of loans provided (money supply) with the assumption of income that must be received (interest income accruel basis method).
  7. Interest income can use the methodaccruelbasis or cash basis (manual) on interest with the Flat method.
  8. It's easy to create new data because it includes step-by-step instructions for creating it.
  9. One Application is capable of handling a lot of data.
  10. The balance sheet and profit and loss statements can be consolidated (combined) with other balance sheet and profit (business) statements.
  11. All data in each module is automatically connected to journals and balance reports.
  12. Can be used in the network.
  13. Equipped with a password where each person's channel rights can be distinguished according to their position or task.
  14. Equipped with data backup and compression (data compression) facilities.
  15. Reports can be exported to Ms Excel form.
  16. Can create various savings products or term savings

In addition to having these excellent features, this Employee Cooperative Application also has an accounting module which is the breath of the accounting application. We recommend that if you want to use an application for employee cooperatives that is fully automated, pay attention to the modules in the application. Another term is, this application has anything and is capable of anything.

Employee Cooperative Software FeaturesArmadillo Savings and Loans

1. Loan

Declining Interest Loans(Interest Installments only), Flat Interest Loans (Principal and Interest Installments), Charity Cards, Flat Interest Posting (automatic), Lowering Interest Posts (automatic), Flat Installment Payments (Automatic), Loan Cards, Donation Balance (Remaining) principal and interest)

2. Savings

Savings and deposit transactions, posting average interest, posting minimum balance interest, Savings cards. Card printing, Deposit interest posting (automatically), deposit interest posting, mandatory savings posting

3. Data

Borrower List, Avalist List, Guarantee List, Billing List, Saver List and their balances, deposit list, maturity deposits.

4. Cash_Bank

Cash in, cash out, Bank in, bank out, BG List, Bank List, Bank Reconciliation.

5. Journal

Assumption list, Journal list, Assumption balance, Estimate help book, Budget

6. Files

New Data, Restore, Backup and Compress data, Report

Armadillo Employee Cooperative Applicationcan be used on computers with Pentium 4 specifications or more, Memory 256 Mb or more, Windows XP or Windows 7, Hd 50 MB free Space for applications, CD ROM, Mouse, Super VGA (800 X 600) 256 Color, LAN Card and HUB when using a network, Ink Printer or Dot Matrix /Pass book to print reports and slips.

If you are smitten with this application, you can try it in a few days by downloading and installing it via this linkArmadillo Savings and Loans, or if you want to know more but don't want to download it, you can ask the author directly, via the button below:

Understanding Employee Cooperatives (KopKar)

Employee Cooperatives are cooperatives that are located within a certain company. The members of the employee cooperative are the employees of the company. Usually, employee cooperatives must have a legal entity and be registered. As a benchmark, the beginning of the existence of cooperatives in private companies can probably refer to the birth of Law No. 12 of 1967 concerning the Principles of Cooperatives. Even though there are many explanations, I don't know exactly when Kopkar first existed.

Even though the Employee Cooperative is within the company, he is not an extension of the company, let alone an instrument of the company's interests. Kopkar is actually considered a business partner of the company where he is.


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The spirit of this cooperative working together is to implement income distribution for its members. Its existence is a manifestation of efforts to create added economic value for employees.

As explained above, employee cooperatives consist of company employees and carry out activities that will be eaten by the members themselves, such as consumer goods, credit, housing, savings and loans and the like.

Employee Cooperative Software has been widely used to manage Employee Cooperative management, as evidenced since its release, 60% of CV company clients. Radian Multi Prima (the developer of this application), is an Employee Cooperative type business. Even though this is not the only application that has been successfully formed by CV. Radian Multi Prima.