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Epson I360 Printer Software

Epson I360 Printer Software- Printers are one of the tools that are widely used by computer users, be it at home, government agencies, schools and even in photocopying areas. Printers are very important because these machines are able to display computer data in printed form, which can be in the form of writing or drawings. There are many types of printers, you can get them easily and the price is affordable.

 Printer merupakan salah satu alat yang banyak digunakan oleh pengguna komputer Software Printer Epson I360
Epson I360 Printer Software

To work on the printer so that it is connected to a computer or laptop, a software system or printer driver is needed. For those of you who have a printer, it is mandatory to download this software. This software must be on your computer or laptop so that the data can be printed. The purpose of printer software is to allow applications to perform printing.

The number of printer users who use the printer for a job, it is necessary to have a printer that is able to do its job well. This time we will discuss and show info about the Epson l360 printer software.

Epson I360 Printer Software

The Epson l360 printer software is software developed by Epson itself which intends to make it easier for users to manage printers via a Windows PC. You need to understand that without this application, the printer function will not work properly. This type of printer offers several uses that can be used to scan, print, and copy.

You don't need to worry about the language used by the Epson l360 printer software, the reason is, this application provides several languages ​​including Indonesian. Some of the web installers offered by Epson in installing them require an internet network and some do not. The offline version of the Epson web installer is really easy because users don't have to be connected to the internet.

Types of Software Epson l360

There are 2 types of Epson l360 printer software. First for the print function, if you want to control the print on the printer, you must download software for the printer. The second type is for the scanner function, this software is used to control the scanner on the printer. You can also directly download this application if desired.

However, often the print and scanner functions are expected, especially in the photocopy area. You can install both so they can be controlled at the same time. In addition, this software is also available for 32-bit and 64-bit windows operating procedures.

How to Download Epson l360 Software for Print and Scanner

Actually, the software on the Epson website is used to help users if the default driver CD is lost or damaged. This software is an additional tool so that the printer device can be accessed properly. However, on the other hand, if you don't download this application, it will be very difficult to channel. We recommend that you download this software on the official website to make it more secure. The following are the steps to download the Epson l360 printer software for print and scanner functions.


  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
  2. Please open the official Epson website at https;www.epson.co.id
  3. After you open it, the support menu will appear, click support, it will download the Epson all series driver.
  4. Please choose your Epson printer type, for example large format, inkjet, dot matrix and many more, choose according to the type of Epson printer you have
  5. Next, choose the series of your printer, the Epson printer series is very much like the l110, l300, l800 and others. The discussion this time uses the L360 series printer series, so you choose that category. Then the driver page will automatically appear.
  6. Next, you just need to determine what Windows operating procedures you are using. For example windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10.
  7. Adjust how many bits you use 32 bit or 64 bit
  8. After you have determined the right system, then click on drivers and software. A link will appear to download the desired driver and software
  9. Download printer and scanner drivers.

How to Install Epson l360 Printer Software

After you finish downloading the software file, be it a printer or scanner, then you need to install the software. Below are the steps for installing the Epson l360 printer software.

  1. Open the downloaded software or driver file, right click and select "run as executive"
  2. Then check the menu "set as default printer" then select Ok
  3. Select the expected language. To make it easier you should choose Indonesian then click OK
  4. Click agree then OK
  5. Wait a while until the installation process is complete
  6. If the word "setup completed" appears on the desktop, click OK
  7. If the software has been successfully installed, the printer is ready to use, either print or scan

Installing Epson l360 Printer Software with CD

In general, if you shop for an Epson l360 printer, you will be offered a CD to install software and drivers. You just insert the CD and start the installation without having to download it first. However, there are often problems when the CDs offered are damaged or missing. Then you need to download the software on the official Epson website.

What If the Printer Won't Respond?

It often happens when we want to print via the printer, but the printer doesn't want to respond, usually because the connecting cable problem is not installed properly. However, if the printer also doesn't want to respond, you need to observe the following.

Check Wireless Cable

This is the most common problem that the connection to the printer cannot be detected by the computer, you have to go to the device manager menu, select universal serial bus controllers, then right-click on the problematic USB then click uninstall, wait a few minutes until it connects again.

Perform an Epson l360 Printer Software Update

As with other software, some printers also require software updates to run optimally again. So, you need to update follow the instructions to the end.

Running the Printer Troubleshooter

If the software update hasn't fixed the problem, you can use the printing troubleshooter software which can be downloaded on the official Epson website. The software will detect and fix the problem until the printer is declared normal again.

Delete and Reset File Spooler

This method is considered the last resort if the printer is still having problems. The print spooler itself is a file that takes care of the printing process.

Advantages of the Epson l360 Printer

The Epson l360 printer has various advantages. The printer is considered a recommendation because there is an ink-efficient technology. The printing carried out by the Epson l360 printer is also very sharp and bright, the resolution is able to reach 5760 x 1440, in addition to printing or printing, this printer can also be used for photocopying and scanning.

Even the photocopy is not only black and white but can be colored. Furthermore, the image scan feature is capable of using various formats from JPEG, BMP and PDF.

That's the issue about the Epson l360 printer software. Using a tool it is necessary to understand the basic things so that there is no mistake in running it. So that the tool is able to run well and can be used for the needs needed.