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Everything About the Canon Mp287 Printer Driver That Is Important To Know

Canon MP287 Printer Driver- Techno friends, surely you are not magic anymore with printers. This device is used to print documents that are still in the form of soft files to hard files. But before the printer can be used for this purpose, you need to first connect the printer to your laptop/PC.

 tentu kalian sudah tidak asing lagi dengan printer Segala Hal Tentang Driver Printer Canon MP287 yang Penting untuk Diketahui
Canon MP287 Printer Driver

Both devices are connected by a software application called a driver. In this discussion, you will be invited to know more about the driver of one type of printer made by a well-known company, namely the Canon MP287 printer driver. Here are discussion points about this driver that are quite interesting for you to see.

How to Install Driver

Usually you can install the printer driver via the CD that was given when you first bought a printer. But did you know that installing this driver can be done without a CD? Here's how to do the installation:

  1. This driver installation link has been widely available from any website. However, in this discussion, the guide to installing the printer driver will refer to the official website of the canon company itself. No need to worry because this website has used Indonesian language so you can follow the installation instructions more easily. In addition, the installation that is carried out via the website also does not need to spend a dime or is free. The display when you enter the official website of canon.
  2. Next you click on the feature that says “help” and your website will change in performance
  3. You enter the type of Canon MP287 printer in the search field. Click the “magnifying glass” symbol. Then your website display will exclusively offer that type of printer
  4. Scroll down on the website page. Choose the right operation method with your laptop/PC then click “search”. Then select one of the available install links
  5. After you enter the link. Then click "download".

Then continue with,
  1. You will be directly directed to save the driver installer file. Decide where you want to save the file and then click “save”.
  2. Go to where you saved the file and then double click on the installer file and monitor your laptop/PC. Click "Yes".
  3. The file will take some time to "unzip" the content in it so wait a while until the process is complete.
  4. After that the performance will appear for you to start installing your drivers. Click "next".
  5. The installation process will run. Wait patiently until the cafe is full.
  6. A command will appear to connect your laptop/PC to the printer with a USB cable. Wait a while until your laptop / PC detects the presence of the printer then when it's finished click "finish"
  7. Driver printer canon MP287 kalian sudah selesai terinstal dan printer siap digunakan. Apabila kalian ingin memastikan apa benar software sudah terinstal maka bisa kalian cek di bagian Devices and Printer dengan cara : Start >Devices and Printers.
  8. To check whether the printer is ready to use, you can enter your Microsoft Word and then try printing a document, or you can also use the Print Test Page feature in the Printer Properties menu.

Canon Driver Updates

The development of computer sophistication, one of which is shown in the development of operating methods. For example, Microsoft is constantly updating its operating system, namely Windows, whose latest version is now Windows 10. With this awesomeness, of course, the printer driver used is also strong.

For this reason, Canon also continues to update to accommodate the growth of this operating procedure. In addition, to fix the weaknesses of their own printer service. Here areupdates that have been done on the canon MP287 printer driver:

Update Ver.1.01

Fixed an issue with the recovery function when there was a paper jam problem when printing.

Updates Ver.1.02

Added Windows 8 as a compatible operating system to be installed with printer driver software from canon.

Update Ver.1.03

The printer driver can now be used for laptops/PCs with Windows 8.1 and 10 models as the operating system.

Update Ver.1.04

Fixed a system failure that resulted in the installation of the printer driver not being able to be carried out on a laptop / PC with windows 10.

Of course, if the update version of this operating procedure is carried out, certain obstacles will also arise. This has also been predicted by Cannon himself so they also provide a solution to deal with it. The following are the obstacles that can arise from updating the operating procedures on your printer driver.

Constraints that Occur on the Windows 10 Operating System

  1. There is a mismatch between the settings in the print benchmark of the operating method and the benchmark of the printer method itself. An example is when executing printing without margins. Therefore, do the print benchmark settings on the printer method if needed You can set this printer procedure by:
  2. Click dish"start"then go to section"settings". choose"devices"then look at the dish. Right click on the menu and select section"printing preferences". This chapter will bring up the chat menu. You can make settings on your printer through this dialog menu. The discrepancy between the prints displayed when they are in the form of a soft file with the appearance after becoming a hard file. In that case, you have to make settings on your printer method as with the obstacles that occur in point 1. When entering the "printing preferences" menu change the paper size according to what you want.

  1. When you open a website that contains Japanese with the Internet Explorer 1 browser and want to print it, there are several cases where the print results are not satisfactory. To overcome this then you have to update the operating method and Internet Explorer to the latest model.
  2. Canon also adds a little note, try not to update your operating system if the features in the printer driver are being installed. This can cause later some features on the printer can not be used so you have to reinstall the printer driver.

The Importance of Installing Printer Drivers Through the Official Site

As mentioned earlier, there are indeed many links to install the Canon MP 287 printer driver scattered on various websites. But it's safer if you install directly through the official site from Canon itself.

This prevents the entry of viruses and malware that can destroy your laptop/PC. In addition, the drivers on the official website are also guaranteed to have received modern updates so that the drivers you use are determined to be able to function properly without being disturbed by bugs (programming errors).