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Gas Station Financial Administration Application

The SPBU Financial Management Application is a financial management procedure specifically for gas stations (General Fuel Filling Stations), designed to record fuel purchase and sales transactions, record general expenditures, record assets and report them into digital CASH recording standards.

I just found out there was an application like this after being asked for a loan by an acquaintance to manage the finances of the gas station where he worked. According to him, during this time, the financial records of gas stations still use manual recording, so it is very difficult to carry out detailed checks, because those who know the reporting model so far are only those who make reports, while the directors can only identify the total monthly income.

This makes a lot of sense, in this digital era, people are no longer good at reading cash reports manually. Only certain people are able to understand and understand what the names of the account codes and their explanations mean. I once studied accounting and failed to fully understand it. But I'm sure there are still reliable accountants around us, it's just that there aren't many of me.

Because I was asked for a gift, I felt compelled to be able to provide support as soon as possible, his name was also asked for support. Although hand in hand, I don't know if there is an application that can be used to manage gas station finances specifically, but I believe, Google is quite capable of being used to find such applications.

Looking for Gas Station Financial Management Software

With that trust, I searched for gas station financial administration applications on Google search, starting from typing the keywords gas station application, gas station finance application, Pertamina application to gas station application service provider. Google shows recommended articles which I finally checked one by one.

There are indeed many applications that explain the financial management of gas stations, but do not clearly detail the functions of the application, and do not even display screenshots of the application. In fact, I want an application that has a simple input method, but has been integrated with digital cash reporting methods. Average what Google recommends doesn't live up to my expectations.

Not until I was frustrated, I kept looking for the right application for my financial reporting needs, until finally I was met with a more detailed business financial administration application and CASH reporting, the application is called Armadillo.

Why Don't I Make My Own Gas Station Financial Management Software

Actually, I have a team that can create a SQL based trading transaction reporting application. But it's more of a simple financial record. It revolves around marketing and purchasing records only. Then the report that is made is just simple, like an income statement. This of course adjusts to the situationmicro business.

It's the same with financial management applications that are specifically for MSMEs that are online, so they can check transaction reports in real time. But for gas stations, it's not really that important. Gas stations are more suitable to be controlled offline, the reason is that there is an office and there are admins and supervisors in one area.

Another reason why I didn't create the app is, it lies in the budget. The budget given by my colleague for the procurement of gas station financial management software was not enough to spend the team's money. And of course this is a loss if the application that has been formed cannot be sold again. So just do it once and it's done. After all, the application maintenance fee should also be borne by the company, and as I explained above, it doesn't exist.

Considering the current situation, I prefer to use software that already exists and is in accordance with my goals and there is an after-sales service that can handle problems with the application, if they occur. I decided to contact Armadillo.

Armadillo Accounting at a Glance

CV Radian Multi Prima is a company engaged in the system consultant, established in the city of Malang - East Java since 2002. One of the products of this CV is the Armadillo Accounting Application which I have now implemented at the Prigi gas station.

While the Armadillo application itself is a simple accounting application procedure for trade and service businesses, windows-based and in Indonesian language which includes sales, purchases, inventory (stock), accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank cash and journal modules. More specifically designed for use in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), besides that it can also be used in all-round cooperatives.

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This application tends to be easy and simple to use, always developed according to the progress of the times. All modules have created a journal automatically, so by running it, we immediately have a balance sheet and profit and loss report automaticallyup to date.

However, this application can be improvised according to the needs of financial records. the example can be applied to the financial management of gas stations, because in principle, anything related to financial records, applications can be adapted.

Armadillo Accounting Application Capabilities

Basically this application is able to record:

  1. Sale: Sales returns and orders transactions, Sales lists, Sales turnover, Customer lists, Sales order reminders and Sales Order receipts
  2. Purchase: Purchase order returns and orders, Purchase list, Provider list, Purchase order reminder
  3. Debt: Debt transactions and debt payments, debt age, payment reminders, credit cards
  4. Receivables: Accounts receivable transactions and accounts receivable payments, accounts receivable age, credit card payment reminders
  5. Supply: List of inventory and the amount of stock, Costing (financing) Assembling (assembly/manufacturing process) stock taking, adjustment of goods, mutation of goods, goods cards
  6. Cash and bank: Cash in, cash out, Bank in, bank out, BG List, Bank List, Bank Reconciliation.
  7. Journal: Journal List (Automatic), Other Journal, Estimate List, Balance List
  8. Files:New data, Restore, Backup and Compress data, Reports

One thing that makes me very happy with this application is that I don't have to bother studying this application manually, because the application maker sends support personnel who are tasked with installing, managing recording needs as well as teaching admins to be able to. It also distributes application operating SOPs in accordance with financial recording needs.

How to Buy the Armadillo Accounting App

Unfortunately when I searched for issues on their company profile site, there was no clear information regarding prices. Maybe it's part of the company standards they apply. So it's not like most application providers that can be purchased through the online marketplace method.

However, there is a contact that has been provided that can be contacted, I tried to call and ask questions about pre-sales and after-sales services, in more detail whether they are the same as those offered and what has not been explained on the site they manage.

And I received the clarification as I asked. The next process is to buy the product. They delivered the offer file to me. It turns out that the price of the application does not include the services they offer, but for the total price, I agree because it is still within the budget that has been given to me.

According to the offer file, I only had to pay half of the total price provided, I paid it and immediately received a visit to install and teach the application.

Oh yes, the customer service I meant earlier can only be contacted during working hours. For outside working hours and holidays, when I ask a question there is no answer. So for those of you who want this application, able to communicate with me, I can connect you withMarketing Manager & Research and Development Team, because when I visited the gas station that I managed, the manager was present with him and gave me the privilege.

Installing the Armadillo Accounting Application: Financial Management Software

As I explained earlier, the installation of the application plus activation is carried out by a team that has been escorted to the location of the struggle area, this is to determine that the application can work according to the needs of the business you have. As I experienced, they come to Trenggalek to install the application and teach how to use the Armadillo application.

At first, after doing the installation, this team carried out a review of the manual financial transaction records that have been generally carried out by the Prigi gas station, after that they summarized it into SOPs and carried out application settings in accordance with the established SOPs. That way, even though the business owner has never used this application and also doesn't know the procedure for digital financial recording, it doesn't matter because it has been handled by the Armadillo team.

As far as I use their services, I judged that I was satisfied because everything was done in a professional manner and also friendliness in answering every question I asked.

I have used Armadillo Accounting Software for Prigi Gas Station Financial Management, then you, if interested, can contact me. I will be happy to help you, without expecting anything in return from you. Good luck.