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Health Hoax: From Toxic Noodles To Human-Made Imported Meat

health information- Are you familiar with political hoaxes? Political hoaxes can be in the form of writing accompanied by pictures with persuasive language that seems to be guaranteed to be true. This hoax was created by buzzers whose contents were provocative and slanderous to bring down their respected political opponents.

These hoaxes spread on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to family WhatsApp groups. People who are not used to dealing with hoaxes will usually rush to share the writing without checking the truth, especially first. In today's era, political hoaxes have proven to be effective as a means of fighting for politicians. These hoaxes often involve identity issues such as religion, race, faith, etc.

But apart from the massive spread of political hoaxes, we must also stop being careless about health hoaxes. This hoax was made by someone. It could be a nosy person who wants to mislead people and will laugh with satisfaction when many believe it.

Just like political hoaxes, health hoaxes also create excessive and unnecessary fears. To make it seem more convincing, these hoaxes are usually embellished with references from health figures. The following are health hoaxes that are spread and proven to be lies:

1. Putting onions can absorb the virus that causes the flu

The hoax said that if we put some shallots in the corner of the room, it will absorb the viruses in the house. This hoax was initially spread by the Facebook fan page which later spread to family WhatsApp groups.

This hoax actually came from abroad which then spread in Indonesia. In a post on the National Onion Association (NAO) website, an organization representing shallot farmers, traders, importers, exporters in the United States said that it was just a myth that had become legendary and spread throughout the world. There is no scientific observation whatsoever that sliced ​​raw shallots absorb germs and sterilize the air in the room.

2. Eating noodles and chocolate together causes poisoning that leads to death

In the gossip, the name of the minister of health is used as a figure who proposes and must be spread so that the public is educated. If there is a member of your whatsapp group who spreads this info, you can immediately clarify that it is a hoax. In an examination conducted by detikhealth with nutritionist Leona Victoria Djajadi, MND said that all types of arsenic are indeed toxic products. But indeed in the human body or animal there will always be arsenic in very low levels resulting from the accumulation of food and air.

"It's not impossible that there was arsenic contamination or poisoning. But what is impossible is that noodle producers who have passed BPOM certification are intentionally using arsenic as their raw material. So this is a super duper hoax," said Leona.

3. Chinese imported meat made from human meat

This news contains pictures of uniformed officers inspecting minced meat and what appears there is a human corpse in a meat room. This hoax has been spreading since 2016 and it can be determined the lie because one of the images of human flesh used is a marketing photo from the 2012 Resident Evil game.

"This is an evil slander that is completely unacceptable to us," China's foreign ministry said, as quoted by the BBC when the hoax spread in 2016.
Even the hoaxes that were clarified in 2016 are still being spread again in 2019. What do you think?

4. Drinking oranges after eating shrimp causes arsenic poisoning

In this information, it is told of a woman who died of poisoning after drinking vitamin C after eating shrimp. According to a nutritionist from the Jakarta Ministry of Health Poltekkes and Persagi Nutrients, Dr. Rita Ramayulis, DCN, M.Kes, drinking oranges after eating shrimp is not prohibited in the health world. The suspected poisoning effect in the info is completely untrue.

5. Putting garlic on the wrist treats toothache

I don't know how news like this can be relied on by many people and even spread thousands of times on Facebook. Even though as reported in Kompas, drg Widya Apsari Sp.PM ensured that there was no connection that garlic stuck to the hand could cure toothache because there was no relationship between the nerves of the hand and the teeth. Widya said that sticking garlic could not cure a toothache and only a diversion of pain because the hot nature of garlic will cause the skin to blister and sting.

Begitulah hoax-hoax kesehatan sering kita temui disebar di whatsapp. Jika anda menemui isu apapun ada baiknya dicek terlebih dulu kebenarannya sebelum dibagikan ke orang lain. Jangan hingga anda justru jadi pelaku yang meneruskan mata rantai penyebaran hoax yang menyesatkan keluarga atau sobat-sahabat anda. Selamat berinternet sehat!