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Healthy and Happy Pregnancy With Delicious And Complete Nutrition

Pregnancy is a great event for a woman. When a human candidate fetus is implanted into her womb, a woman seems to get a whole soul. Soon he would be invited by his mother, tasting the cradle of a tiny baby and being stared at by the gentle eyes of an innocent man. All of them have an indescribable joy.

Because when you start getting pregnant, every mother must always keep the womb healthy. In pregnancy, each trimester has different situations and conditions, mom.

The first trimester of our body is busy adjusting to the presence of the baby who is starting to become the center of attention for all the body's important nutrients.

In the second trimester, the baby is starting to get stronger and is getting more and more comfortable moving around in Mama's tummy. Symptommorning sicknesshas also dwindled a lot. In this phase, there are many culinary variants that can be tolerated by the stomach like milk. Mom can searchreference for pregnant milk for mothers in the second trimester.

Your third trimester requires a lot of exercise and a lot of energy to carry your growing baby.

From all stages of the trimester we are obliged to monitor every development of the baby and the condition of our bodies so that pregnancy remains fit and cheerful.

1. First trimester

This trimester is the phase of pregnancy that is quite heavy and exhausting. Mom will often feel nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even fainting. The nose and tongue will be very sensitive to fish. Even the common scent we breathe will feel so piercing that it makes you nauseous and vomits.

Favorite dishes also don't taste the same anymore because we will vomit more often. But mom has to keep eating. Mom's body is being mobilized to plan a peaceful place for the growth of the little one. The intake that enters the body plays an important role in the formation of a healthy and strong fetus.

Therefore, this nausea condition should not make the body's nutritional intake decrease. In addition to the multivitamin prescribed by the doctor, mom must look for culinary offerings that are acceptable to our sense of smell.

Fruits and vegetables can be a delicious culinary alternative. Vegetable proteins such as tempeh, tofu, chayote, steamed beans or soup can also be tried, mom. Because generally in this phase we are indeed difficult to accept fatty and smelly dishes such as meat and maritime preparations.

Mom is also able to consume milk as a substitute for reduced nutrients. Pregnancy milk contains a variety of nutrients to replace the nutrients lost during morning sickness. Anmum Materna has a high content of folic acid and DHA which are needed for the early formation of the life of the fetus.

Folic acid is needed by the body for the formation of baby body tissue, preventing miscarriage, brain and neural tube formation and saving the risk of depression during pregnancy. While DHA is expected for proper cell development for the fetus.

Mom can eat it in the morning after eating rice or bread, then continue at night before going to bed. Drinking warm milk with high nutrition will make the body feel more comfortable.

This phase is also very vulnerable for the fetus. Therefore, as much as possible avoid strenuous activities and tiring trips. It is better to spend a lot of time at home until the fetus is strong enough in the next trimester.

2. Second trimester

In the second trimester, mom is free from nausea and vomiting that hinders physical activity. Although sometimes you are still often hit by dizziness, it doesn't always happen so mom can still carry out many events. In this phase, Mom's weight will increase because the baby is also gaining weight. Mom will look quite fat with a baby bump that looks adorable.

Mom's appetite is also much better so she can taste all the food. There are no dietary restrictions for pregnant women as long as they are nutritious, do not contain chemicals and are carefully processed. Mom can eat bread, meat, non-mercury fish, eggs, spinach, green beans, sweet corn, apples, bananas and so on.

Limiting food intake will make mom vulnerable to anemia which is dangerous for the fetus. Therefore, the consumption of iron is needed. Anmum Materna is high in iron to prevent anemia. Anemia during pregnancy is very dangerous because it has the potential to block the circulation of oxygen intake to the fetus and low fetal weight. Consumption of Anmum Materna twice a day to increase balanced nutrition for the fetus.

In addition, in this phase, try to take a vacation with your husband so that mom's mental state remains happy and actual. Happiness during pregnancy is really needed so that your little one also grows happy in mom's stomach.

Especially in this trimester, the baby can be invited to communicate with Mom. Try to invite the baby to say softly in an actual and comfortable situation. Mom will definitely feel the gentle movements that are signs that she is responding to her mother's communication. It's funny and touching, Mom.

3. Third trimester

The baby bump is getting bigger and the baby's movements can be tasted by the father-to-be. Spend more time communicating with the baby because he will start to enjoy playing and joking in your tummy. He will also be a good listener for all Mom's complaints, you know.

In addition, Mom's body will start to feel tight because the baby is growing faster. In this phase, moms can start exercising to prepare for a natural and healthy birth. The shopping list for baby needs can also be started now.

The most important thing is that the health of the fetus must be continuously monitored through regular physical examinations and ultrasounds. Mom needs more energy to carry out daily activities while carrying a big belly. Nutritious food, milk and multivitamins must be eaten every day so that the mother and baby are aware of their health until the day of birth.

Anmum Materna is the number one pregnancy milk that is the mainstay of pregnant women in Indonesia. The nutritional content is really complete, such as nuelipid, folic acid, calcium, iron, DHA, dietary fiber. Moreover, the yummy and yummy taste can be an alternative to healthy drinks instead of consuming ice cream, boba or other instant drinks.