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Honda Brio Car Selling Price Complete with Specifications

When going to buy a car, one of the important considerations is to determine the brand of the car you want to select. Where most residents will determine the brand of four-wheeled vehicles which are usually widely used by many customers.

For example, when choosing a vehicle in Indonesia, one of the most widely used brands by consumers is the Honda brand. Whether it's two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, this Japanese brand dominates all markets and still survives today.

For this reason, it is not strange that every new product from Honda already has its own market in Indonesia. One of the advantages of Honda cars is that they offer affordable prices, including for the priceHonda Brio car for salewhich has a complete selection of types and prices similar to the following:
  1. The Honda Brio Satya A car has a starting price of 114 million rupiah.
  2. The Honda Brio Satya S has a starting price of 120 million rupiah.
  3. The Honda Brio Satya E has a starting price of 126 million rupiah.
  4. The Honda Brio Satya S A/T has a starting price of 150 million rupiah.
  5. The Honda Brio Satya E A/T car has a starting price of 158 million rupiah.
With a price similar to the one above, the Honda Brio can certainly be one of the choices of cars that can be purchased at an affordable price. In addition to the advantages of the price, the Honda Brio car also offers other advantages, namely from the specifications offered.

This car has the latest technology and features to be able to make the driver feel comfortable and safe while driving. For example, this four-wheeled vehicle has complete specifications and escort features as follows:
  • The Honda Brio uses the G-Con and ACE boy frame structure.
  • The Honda Brio has side impact baem, padestrian protection, and dual front air bags.
  • Honda Brio cars have safety soap on the front and rear.
  • The Honda Brio uses a seatbelt load limiter pretensioner.
  • This car also uses a key type wave key.
  • This car has a keyless entry and alarm system.
As for the engines owned by the Honda Brio, they are:
  • The Honda Brio uses a 1.2 L SOHC inline 4 cylinder engine type and 16 valves.
  • The Honda Brio car has a PGM FI fuel supply.
  • Honda Brio cars have cylinder contents up to 1.2.
  • The Honda Brio has a diameter and stride of 73x88.4 mm.
  • The Honda Brio has a maximum power of up to 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of up to 4800 rpm.
As for the dimensions of the Honda Brio car are as follows:
  • The Honda Brio has an overall length of up to 3610 mm.
  • The Honda Brio has an overall width and height of 1680x1485 mm.
  • The Honda Brio car has a front and rear distance of 1480x1465.
  • The Honda Brio has a fuel tank capacity of up to 35 liters.
  • The Honda Brio uses a 5 speed transmission.
While the suspensions that are owned by the type of car that has a selling price of the Honda Brio 100 million are:
  • This car uses an EPS rack and pinion procedure.
  • This car uses a Macpherson Stsrut front suspension, and the rear uses an H-shape torsion beam.
  • The Honda Brio uses ventilated discs for the front brakes and drums for the rear brakes.
  • This car has a tire size of about 175/65 R14.
  • The Honda Brio has steel wheels for the Brio Sataya A and S 14 "and 14" alloy wheels for the Brio E A/T.