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How Strong Are You Smiting on Blogs?

Blogger- One time I received a message from someone via FB chat, then without further ado, the person expressed his interest in blogs, he said he wanted to become a blogger like me and wanted to succeed as soon as possible. This guy is so excited.

I, who actually don't like to talk, just explained to him what a blog is and how to make it, no half-hearted,how to create a blogI also sent it to him.

The principle is "Don't halfway help God's creatures".

Like most beginner bloggers, when they want to create a blog, the first thing that becomes the most obstacle is how to create content. The person who chatted with me also asked the same thing, he was confused about how to write a post.

I'm not surprised by questions like that, because basically I also experienced the same thing when I intended to become a Blogger for the first time.

Everyone always feels restless when it's the first time, that's normal. And for people who are restless, it is natural to ask a good expert.

Reasons I'mInterested in Becoming a

Blogger Blogginghopefully I can make money.

This motivation is often used by beginner bloggers to maintain their intensity in creating blog content.

Most people ask me the question "can blogs make money?" after they asked questions abouthow to create a blog?".

I have conveyed this kind of motivation many times that this reason cannot work optimally if we do not immediately get profit from blogs.

The reason that can be used so that we can continue to consistently take care of the blog is because of the desire to share it with others more broadly.

This reason is irreplaceable, the reason is that we will continue to spread what we understand as long as possible, and for me this is suitable for me who is only able to develop through writing.

Meanwhile, if we take reasons for wanting to receive money, it will be replaced if you have other financial sources.

It could be, because your money income is greater than other than blogs, blogging activities are no longer carried out.

I think this is a logical argument.

So how influential is your interest in blogging? Answer yourself