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How to Check Electricity Bill

Today every aspect of human life depends on electricity. In both villages and cities, electricity is similar to a primary need that must be in every house, bar, restaurant, bank and other common places.

That's all none other than because electrical devices that were created to make human life easier can only function when connected to electricity. Mobile phones, lamps, magic jars, computers, TVs, refrigerators are items that are now commonly found in people's homes and are used every day.

Once the electricity goes out, your kids can't play games, you can't watch TV, smelly food because the fridge is off, the whole house is pitch black because there's no electricity. Even if you can survive in the dark it's only temporary.

More broadly, if the electricity goes out, business activities, communications, economy, transportation will be paralyzed. The streets are chaotic because traffic lights go out, online sellers lose buyers, office employees lose job data, and a series of other difficulties.

Because electricity is so important to us, now many innovations have been created to make it easier for people, both in paying electricity, checking bills and controlling electricity savings.

Today people have abandoned old ways such as queuing at the electric counter which consumes time and energy just paying electricity bills. One of the innovations that are now in demand by many people is free of charge.

In this free-to-pay application, you can do many things just by using your cellphone. This application has been trusted for a long time (listed in ISO 27001 as a certified security application) and is able to store large amounts of balance to make it easier for your payment needs, be it electricity bills, credit, traveling, train tickets, insurance, games and so on.

With this application you will not be penalized for forgetting to pay the electricity bill, no need to leave your home or work area to go to a distant payment counter, everything is well controlled using free of charge.

You need to know that electricity bills are divided into two, namely prepaid and postpaid electricity. In prepaid electricity you will be avoided from large bills because the use of electricity can be adjusted for savings.

In postpaid electricity, you don't have to fill in credit at the beginning, but you have to check and pay the bill at the end of the month. Both can be easily used free of charge.

In summary, the advantages of free-to-pay applications are:
  1. You can always get cashback on every transaction
  2. Complete and simple payment features
  3. Can only use SMS to pay bills
  4. There are always attractive promos
  5. Free 100% without paying registration or additional fees
  6. Payments can be served via the website, SMS or application

Then how to check the bill at free of charge?

First you have to register first and receive an ID number. Registration can be run through the website or android application for free. Once registered, you can directly check the electricity bill either through the free-to-pay website, via SMS or the free-to-pay application available on the Playstore.

Here's each way:

How to Check Electricity Bills via SMS

How to check electricity billby SMS, type: BILLING*PRODUCT CODE*CUSTOMER ID*PIN. Example: BILLING*PLNPASC*123456*323232 then send to SMS center free of charge (telkomsel: 082244823999. XL: 087759011112. Indosat: 085606527999)

How to Check Bills Through the Application

The way to check electricity bills online via cellphone is by first downloading the free-to-pay application on the Playstore, once installed, please follow the instructions given by the application. The method is very easy, you can follow step by step without confusion.

How to Check Bills Through the Website

Enter the free-to-pay website, fill in the customer ID number column in the column provided, fill in the mobile number, then tick "I'm not a robot" for verification, then click the process button.

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