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How to Fill Canon Ip2770 Printer Color Ink

How to Fill Canon IP2770 Printer Color Ink- Still upset howhow to fill color ink for Canon IP2770 printer, Do not worry ! This review will help you to review, hand in hand how to fill color ink on the Canon IP2770 printer.

Cara Mengisi Tinta Warna Printer Canon IP Cara Mengisi Tinta Warna Printer Canon IP2770
How to Fill Canon IP2770 Printer Color Ink

Canon with this IP2770 type, has used a cartridge as a place to store the ink that you want to use, be it black ink or color ink. Generally, this type of ink runs out quickly, compared to infusion ink, or other media in the form of bottles.

Expected tools and materials

Before entering the charging stage orhow to fill color ink for Canon IP2770 printer. Of course, you have to prepare the tools and materials that will be used. Those that must be provided include:

  1. Buy refill ink from Canon, so that the printer quality results are similar to the original ink quality. What must be considered here is that the types of ink on the market have different levels of viscosity. We recommend that you choose according to the type of ink and the type of printer you have. If you want to buy black ink, please specify black. Similarly, when you want to fill color ink. So the colors you want to buy include blue, yellow and red, which are generally purchased in packages.
  2. Nails / needles, whose function is to enlarge the existing cartridge holes.
  3. Syringe / syringe. Which of course as a tool to inject printer ink into the cartridge.
  4. tissue. No, it is not a tool to wipe the ink stains that are scattered, both in the hands, in the cartridges and others.

Tools and materials like this are usually easy to find in the ink marketing area. By mentioning the materials needed, the store will immediately provide them for you.

Make sure you remember and mention the brand and type of printer, hopefully the shop can show you the right type of ink, it would be better if the ink used is also a Canon brand.

How to Refill Canon IP2770 Black Printer Ink

If the tools and materials have been prepared, then the following is filling the ink. The following is how to fill ink with black on the Canon IP2770, including:

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on, if not, you should turn on the printer by pressing the On button.
  2. Next, wait until the printer is completely turned on. If you have waited until the condition of the printer is in stand-by condition.
  3. If so, then open the cover at the top of the printer. Of course, this is done so that you can easily remove the ink cartridge.
  4. Then wait until the cartridge position is in the middle. Next remove the cartridge from the holder, carefully.

Next, you need to pay attention to the following things:
  1. Make sure you don't touch the elements on the front of the cartridge.
  2. If the printer cartridge you have is still relatively new, and has never been refilled. It is recommended that you remove the label on the top of the cartridge. From there, you can see a hole, and that hole will be enlarged using a nail or needle, which is usually found in the ink packaging section. Generally its position is at the bottom.
  3. If you are going to fill both cartridges, either the black one or the color one, you should first fill in the black one.
  4. Next take the tissue as needed, next cover the verbal spray, (head cartridge), hopefully it won't leak easily and spread everywhere. The exact position is at the front. Insert the tip of the syringe needle into the previously enlarged hole. Enter until it touches the ink that is in the cartridge. It's invisible, but you can feel it.

The last step :
  1. Enter the printer ink slowly, about 20 ml, when it is refilled as much as 20 ml. Make sure you don't force the ink too full, or even spill the contents, out of the syringe hole.
  2. When finished, then clean the mouth of the spray or cartridge head, using a tissue. After finishing cleaning the chapter, then reinstall the cover, and reinstall the cartridge in the printer.

How to Refill Canon IP2770 Color Printer Ink

Actually, the process or method of filling color ink for the Canon IP2770 printer is not too far away from refilling black ink. It's just that, because there are 3 colors to be filled, then you have to be more careful when filling them. Here are things to note:

  1. As mentioned above, there are 3 colors that you want to use, to fill the color ink, namely red, blue and yellow. Precisely in the cartridge you have to find out the position of the 3 colors. Where is the position of the yellow, red and blue colors. Do this, before you refill the ink.
  2. Another thing to note is that the refill capacity of this color ink is not too much compared to black ink. So make sure you have to be more vigilant, when refilling the ink. So that there is no mixing of colors, between one color and another.

Next :
  1. As mentioned in the black ink, you need to open the seal and add the individual holes in the cartridge. Be careful not to let the syringe needle go deeper.
  2. Next, prepare a tissue, to cover the nozzle or the cartridge head itself, of course it's on the front.
  3. Next, inject the ink you want to use, like red, yellow and blue ink one by one, alternately. Of course in each position, and do not get confused. When filling, work slowly and carefully, about 5 to 10 ml only.
  4. When all the colors have started to fill, and determine not to be too full. Clean the spray nozzle/cartridge head, then, put the cartridge back in its original area, is in the printer.

If all processes have been completed, then close the printer cover again, then wait until the printer is in standby. Before you use the printer, to print documents or anything else. you should do head cleaning printer first. This serves to stabilize the process of releasing ink from the spray expression or cartridge head.

So from the above review, process orhow to fill color ink for Canon IP2770 printer, it's not that hard. You can do it alone. But a few tips for you, you should be careful when doing the refill process, it would be better if you plan an apron.

In order to get away from the splashes that might occur, when you are recharging. So as not to splash on clothes or clothes that are being worn. In addition, refill the ink slowly, and according to applicable regulations.