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How to Fill Canon Mp287 Printer Color Ink

How to Fill Canon MP287 Printer Color Ink- As a person who has a printer, you will definitely be faced with empty printer contents, especially if you are someone who often uses printers for printing needs.

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How to Fill Canon MP287 Printer Color Ink

If so, you must know how to refill printer ink. We don't know when the printer ink is empty and needs to be refilled, so, if there's no one to turn to for help, then you can fill it yourself.

Before you start refilling printer ink yourself, you should knowhow to fill color ink for canon MP287 printergood and correct, so that the cartridge is not damaged quickly. Incorrect ink filling will only shorten the life of the cartridge.

Printer ink filling is usually done by injecting ink into the cartridge and cleaning it using a tissue. However, the problem usually comes after you've finished filling in the ink. Some of the problems that often arise after filling ink are:

  • The ink won't come out
  • Striped print out
  • Cartridge not detected

Canon MP287 printer ink as an example has an 811 color cartridge with a content of 11-12 ml and a type 810 for a cartridge with a content of 10-12 ml of black ink. Before filling color ink, prepare the following equipment.

  • Ink color to be filled
  • ink injection
  • Tissue to clean the remnants of ink

Here arehow to fill color ink for canon MP287 printerwhat you should know

Turn on the Printer First

First you need to turn on your printer. wait until the indicator light stops flashing. If the indicator light stops blinking, you are opening the printer cover. The printer cartridge will run, wait until it stops in the middle.

Check Cartridge

After the cartridge stops in the middle, then you open the cartridge by pressing it to the bottom until it is released. The color cartridge is on the left. When the cartridge is removed, then you can remove the label paper that is attached to the top of the cartridge.

You can check the printer cartridge to identify the ink is still there or has run out. How to analyze the availability of ink is to use a dry tissue.

Place a Dry Tissue on the Bottom of the Cartridge and Touch Forward Slowly

After checking, if there are still three detailed colors on the tissue, namely red, blue, and yellow, then the cartridge does not need to be filled, whereas if the color does not appear bright, then you need to fill the cartridge.

Hole the Top of the Cartridge

For those of you who have never filled a color cartridge before, observe that at the top of the cartridge there will be three red, yellow, and blue dots that are still intact. All you need to do is punch holes in the three dots before filling them with ink.

You can punch the three points with a needle that is the size of the hole in the cartridge.

Load Ink on Printer Injection

The Canon MP287 printer is a printer with a built-in injection cartridge. Those of you who want to fill printer ink should have a printer injection, according to the color of the ink you want to fill. Never use the same injection for each color of ink to be injected.

For color ink, prepare three printer ink injections, namely red, yellow, and blue. In order for printer cartridges to last longer, it is recommended that you use original color inks from Canon. Despite having a price that tends to be expensive, original Canon ink produces good typing quality.

Inject Ink on the Cartridge

Fill the ink in the cartridge in the correct position, according to the color. You only need to fill in just enough, try not to overflow. In the cartridge section there are yellow dots made of copper, try not to worry about this section.

If you accidentally touch the yellow part of the chip with your hands, then you will need to clean it with a dry tissue. This is the part that wants to connect the cartridge to the printer, so that if it is just a little dirty, the cartridge can not be detected by the printer.

The ink that you will fill is injected slowly, approximately 10 ml. If the ink spills over, wipe it off with a dry tissue.

Close the Cartridge

The filled cartridge is then closed again with duct tape on the top that was perforated. After that, you can return the cartridge to its original place. Install the cartridge correctly.

After the cartridge is installed, close the printer casing again. Allow a moment until the printer knows the newly installed cartridge.

Do Cleaning

Do cleaning especially two to three times so that the ink results are clearer.

Cleaning can actually be done not only after you fill in the ink, but when you feel the printout is not very good and detailed. So, you can do cleaning especially first.

How to do cleaning is as follows

  1. Click the setting button 3 times until the Y character appears on the computer display.
  2. Next, you need to press the start color or black button on the printer, depending on which cartridge you want to clean. If the color cartridge to be cleaned, then press the color button.
  3. The printer will start cleaning automatically. Wait a while until the cleaning process is complete.
  4. After finishing cleaning, you can see the results by pressing the setting button once and pressing the start color button. The cleaning results will then be printed.

You can do the cleaning several times until the prints look detailed.

Test printout

After the final cartridge is installed in the printer, the next step is to test the printouts.

  1. The trick is how to turn on your laptop first, select Start Menu and select Control Panel. Then, select Devices and Printers and right-click on the Canon MP287 stroke on the name of the selected printer. Select Printing Preferences and click Maintenance. Next select Print Check Pattern.
  2. Check the printout whether the color is visible well or not. If not, run the test print again until you get the printout you want.
  3. To keep the ink from drying out which can cause damage to the cartridge, try to print color at least once a week. Do not let you leave your printer unused for a long time because it will cause an ink jam to print.

Where can you get Canon MP287 printer ink?

You can get Canon printer ink in color or black by visiting a shop that sells printer equipment. Apart from that, you can also receive printer injections at the shop. Try to find a shop that is close to where you are, hopefully the ink filling process will be faster.

If the store that sells original Canon ink is not close to your location, then you should buy the ink well in advance before your printer's ink is completely depleted.

A few issues regardinghow to fill color ink for Canon MP287 printer. Next, you can start to refill your printer ink and use your printer again for printing purposes.