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How to Fill Canon Mp287 Printer Ink

How to Fill Canon MP287 Printer Ink- Writing and writing documents is now even easier with a computer and then printed with a printer, documents can then be printed in any amount as needed. Not infrequently also those who then deliberately buy and provide their own printer to complement the computer equipment they have, be it a PC (Personal Computer) or desktop or laptop.

 Tulis menulis dokumen kini semakin dipermudah dengan komputer dan lalu dicetak dengan pri Cara Mengisi Tinta Printer Canon MP287
How to Fill Canon MP287 Printer Ink

However, if you have a printer if it is rarely used, the ink will be able to dry and then difficult to use for printing. Some problems with the printer can also occur suddenly, such as when it is being used to print, then the printer jams or the cartridge is empty and so on. Printers often need to be refilled.

Of course it must also be adjusted to the type of printer. There are many types of printers. One of them is the Canon MP 287 Printer which is quite popular and quite a lot of users. The following arehow to fill ink for Canon MP287 Printer.

Tips for Refilling Canon MP 287 Printer Ink

The Canon MP 287 printer has quite a lot of users, and refilling printer ink is something that is often and regularly carried out to maintain color stability and the quality of the printer printouts. Once the printer's ink cartridge is empty, it must be refilled immediately so that the printing process can continue to run smoothly, especially for printers that are used quite often.

If you forget not to pay attention to the condition of the ink cartridge, then the print out from the printer can be colorless or intermittent or blurry and not detailed, generally there is also information on the computer if the printer ink has run out.

To fill the Canon MP287 printer ink, it can be run alone or by using a printer ink refill service that is more proficient and is used to doing it. The following is a step-by-step guide and method when you want to refill the Canon MP 287 Printer Ink.

Prepare Equipment

  1. Refill ink for refills
  2. Pins or needles or screwdrivers to punch holes in the printer ink cartridges
  3. A special syringe for ink,
  4. Tissue paper or cloth to clean the filled cartridge if
  5. there is overflow of ink and other necessary equipment.

Turn on the Printer

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on, to facilitate the process of removing the cartridge.
  2. Then in the condition that the printer is still on then open the printer cover section and then wait a few seconds until the cartridge position really stops at the position in the middle of the printer.
  3. Then open the cover of the printer casing so that you can more easily remove the cartridge.

Remove Cartridge

  • Then remove or remove the cartridge on the printer slowly, by pressing the black cartridge, namely PG 810 and the color cartridge, namely CL 811.

Prepare Ink

  1. Then prepare the ink that you want to use to fill in the printer.
  2. Also prepare the injection that will be used to fill the printer ink.
  3. Then make sure the ink you use is filled with the injection.

Disconnect the Cartridge Cable

  • Then remove the label on the top of the cartridge that you want to refill with new ink.

Hole Cartridge

  1. Also open the cartridge hole cover sticker and make sure the hole can be used. Please note that the location of the cartridge holes varies depending on the color of the ink.
  2. In the red ink cartridge, the location of the small hole is at the top, while for the yellow ink cartridge it is located on the left side.
  3. This is the same as the blue ink cartridge where the small hole is also on the left side.
  4. Don't fill in the wrong ink color so that the printer prints become messy and messy with mixed colors.

Fill in the Ink

  1. Then you can start to fill the printer ink by injecting it slowly.
  2. Fill the black cartridge with black ink and the color cartridge with its respective color ink.
  3. To be neat and not overflow, you can cover the needle with tissue paper, and if the ink filling process is too full, you can suck the ink back using the needle.

Recap the Cartridge Hole

  1. Then when it is done, you can close the small hole that was perforated in the cartridge so it doesn't spill when it is used, using a sticker or masking tape.
  2. While wiping and cleaning if there is a spill or spill of ink on the cartridge body.

Reinstall the Cartridge in the printer

  1. Then reinstall the cartridge that has been filled with ink back in its place in the printer
  2. Try so that on the PIN cartridge chapter, there are no ink stains left on that chapter.

Close the Printer Case Cover

  • Then close the cover of the printer casing, then be able to do a test to determine that the printer has been able to function properly again.

Printer Ink Saving Tips

In order to minimize printer ink cartridges, it can be carried out by changing the law of the printing color setting to a choice of black and white or gracycale.

So that when printing text, it will not spend a lot of ink, even though the thickness of the black color is slightly reduced. Then when you want to print a colored document, you can change the color setting again to the color color option.

Canon MP287 Printer Printing Tips Without a Computer

The Canon MP287 printer is one of the most popular types of printers produced by Canon and is widely used by various groups. In addition to the relatively cheap price, this multifunction printer can also be modified to include an infusion method and how to maintain it is also not too difficult.

It's no wonder that many people are attracted to buying the Canon MP287 printer, either new or used. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze the printer's functionality, namely whether it is reasonable or not, by means of Manual Print Head Cleaning and Nozzle Check.

Here's a way that can be run directly from the printer by using a variety of buttons or menus, without the need to use a software or computer. This self test can be run by means of print head cleaning or print nozzle check.

Printhead Cleaning

  1. First turn on the printer, and then make sure that the printer is ready.
  2. Then press the Settings button, which has a picture of pliers and screwdrivers, three times until the letter Y appears on the printer display.
  3. Then next press the Start Color button, if you want to do a color or color print head cleaning cartridge and press the Black start button, if you want to do a black or black print head cleaning cartridge.
  4. Then if you hear the sound of the printer engine, then this is a sign that the print head cleaning process is in progress. Wait a few moments for the machine to stop and the print ends.

Print Nozzle Check

After carrying out print head cleaning, by pulling or removing ink from the cartridge, it is then possible to check the print head cleaning results, to identify the quality of all color prints. The method is as follows.

  1. First turn on the printer, and then make sure that the printer is ready.
  2. Then press the Settings button, which has a picture of pliers and screwdrivers, just once
  3. Then press the Start Color or Start Black button for the process of carrying out the Print Nozzle Check.
  4. If the results are not maximized or there are still dotted lines on the print nozzle check results, then you can try to do it again and do Print Head Cleaning several times so that the ink is evenly distributed.

It's quite easy that the process of refilling the ink is, but if you have trouble you can ask for a loan from an expert. A brief clarification abouthow to fill ink Canon MP287 Printer.May be useful!