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How to Install a Canon Ip Printer Without Cd

How to Install a Canon IP Printer Without a CD- Actually, how to download and also installcanon ip 2770 printer applicationwithout using a CD can be run in a very easy way. However, before going into the discussion about how to install and download the application for the Canon IP 2770 printer, there are a few things you need to know first.

 tanpa menggunakan CD bisa dilakukan dengan cara yang sangat mudah Cara Install Printer Canon IP Tanpa CD
How to Install a Canon IP Printer Without a CD

When you want to connect your PC or laptop with the printer you have, you must first have an application commonly called drivers. Basically these drivers function to connect your PC with your printer.

Therefore, without these drivers, the two cannot be connected at all. So it can be concluded that the driver is an application or software that is really important.

In addition, you need to know that the printer must go through the installation process before you can use it. This Canon 2770 IP printer is no exception. This type of printer is also one of the types of printers that are commonly used by many people.

Well, generally when you buy a new printer, you will get drivers in the form of a CD. This CD drivers will be the bridge between your PC and your printer. So, don't let the CD drivers say yes, if you don't want to bother. So, what to do when the CD drivers say this?

What Can Be Done When CD Drivers Are Missing?

You don't have to worry if the CD drivers to connect your printer and PC are lost. Because this problem is the same as if you shop for a used printer without the CD drivers. Losing the CD drivers or not having the CD drivers isn't too bad. Because it can still be tricked in other ways. About how?

The easiest solution that you can do when you experience problems similar to those mentioned above is to download and then install the printer driver yourself. You can directly surf the internet to be able to find sites that allow you to download drivers for the type of printer you have.

You can type Download Printer Driver that matches your printer type, of course, in the search engine you are using. After that, surely on your screen will appear hundreds of sites that provide free drivers for you to download. You can choose an unofficial or unofficial site, and you can also choose an official site or an official site.

In general, many people prefer to download the canon 2770 ip printer drivers on unofficial sites because the process and access are easy even for ordinary people. Meanwhile, downloading drivers on the official site is sometimes too complicated for ordinary people. However, you don't need to fret, choose the drivers that make it easier for you in the download and installation process.

How to Download Canon IP 2770 Printer Application Without CD

For those of you who want to download drivers orcanon ip 2770 printer applicationhere are some steps you should do:

  1. The first thing you have to do is download the Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer drivers, as previously mentioned, you can download them through the unofficial site or through Canon's official site.
  2. After that, don't forget to choose the appropriate drivers for the operating system of the PC or laptop you are using. Because if you make the wrong choice, the drivers you download will not match your PC or laptop.
  3. After that, continue by clicking download
  4. Then click on the Click to Accept and Download section
  5. After that click save file
  6. Next, wait a few moments until the download process is complete

Those are some steps that you must do if you want to download the drivers for your canon ip 2770. What do you think? Practical isn't it? Well, just downloading the drivers is not enough, there's still one more thing you have to do, which is to install it. The tutorial will be presented in a review which will be discussed below.

How to Install Canon IP 2770 Printer Application Without CD

After you have successfully downloaded the drivers for your Canon IP 2770 printer, the next step you need to do is to install the drivers. To do this, here are a few things you need to do:

  1. After the final download process, then you have to open the folder where your downloads are stored. If the file you downloaded is a Zip, then you have to extract it first.
  2. Then you can continue with “Run As Administrator” when you open the file.
  3. Next, you just need to follow all the instructions available on your late PC or laptop. Usually you will be asked to set the language or language, then the choice of residence or a description of where you live, after you fill in all the required things, then you just continue by selecting the "Next" option. After that, the installation process will appear as an indication of how far the installation process has taken place.

  1. The next thing you have to do is connect your Canon IP 2770 printer with your PC or laptop. At this stage, you can connect your PC or laptop to your printer using the USB which is usually provided.
  2. You need to remember that at this stage, you must turn on your printer. Because if your printer is off or off, your PC will not be able to connect to your printer.
  3. Well, the last step you need to do is to disconnect your PC or laptop and your Canon IP 2770 printer is connected properly. After that, just wait for the final installation. If the installation of these drivers is successful, a "COMPLETE" notification will appear on the screen of your PC or laptop. After this process is complete then you can use your printer to print the documents you need.

That is the series of processes on how to download and also install applications or drivers for canon ip 2770 without a CD. So, if you lose your CD drivers or you don't have them because you bought a used printer, then you don't have to worry anymore because the solution is quite easy, namely by downloading and installing the drivers or applications you need yourself.

What's more, there are now many official and unofficial sites that provide drivers for your printer. If you find it difficult to download and also install the drivers on the official site, then an unofficial site can be an alternative option for you.

Even more fun, these sites provide free drivers for you. So, if you are having trouble because the CD drivers are missing or damaged then download and install it yourselfcanon ip 2770 printer applicationthat is the answer.