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How to Prevent Corona Virus Transmission, Let's Save Lives!

How to prevent Corona virus- Prevention is better than cure, so the saying goes. The Corona virus has now been over the world for over a year. This one virus makes millions of people suffer and even die.

It is undeniable, the Corona-19 Virus is very dangerous for all people. Regardless of the fur, whether it's official hair, rich people's hair, poor people's hair, women's hair and men's hair, anyone has the potential to be exposed to this virus.

Indonesia, a country with hundreds of millions of people, is currently grieving over the death of relatives, neighbors, mothers, fathers, at the end of the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, preventing the spread of the Corona virus from an early age must be carried out.

There is no need to negotiate, or be wary of whether this virus is the result of a conspiracy or the truth. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that we can get.

Although there is information circulating that many irresponsible people imitate the factual status of Covid-19. At least we must really prevent the Corona-19 virus from ourselves and others by doing Corona virus prevention behavior.

So what are the ways to prevent contracting the Corona virus?

Here's how to ward off the Corona virus, the deadly virus worldwide. I have compiled this article from a variety of the most relevant sources.

How to Prevent Corona Virus – 19

Here are some ways to block the Corona virus, because preventing it is better than treating it. For those of you who have been exposed to the Corona virus, we wish you a speedy recovery. But for those of you who are drinking coffee at home, we pray that you are not exposed to this deadly virus. #StayAtHome

1.Do not shake hands/shake hands

Although Islam commands everyone to shake hands, but in problems like this we must prioritize the interests of health. Not shaking hands is one solution to prevent the Corona-19 virus.

When you shake hands with other people, do you know that this small virus is on the hands of the person you are greeting? This is what we must be aware of that shaking hands increases the risk of exposure to the Corona-19 virus.

2.Keeping Distance

Keeping a distance from other people must be implemented to prevent the Corona-19 virus. Because when you are close to other people you don't know if they are exposed to Corona or not.

If by chance that person is carrying the virus, you have now been exposed to the Corona virus for several reasons such as coughing, breathing, etc.

If preventing the Corona virus in this way is impossible for you to do. you can#StayAtHomeso that you stay aware and the people around you are also aware.

If possible, set a distance of up to 1.5 meters to 2 meters from other people so that your risk of exposure to Corona is smaller.

When we are praying in congregation, we must also keep our distance by loosening the rows. Because we have to follow the advice from the government.

How about with your wife or husband?

Yes, before gathering, make sure each one is clean, you should take a shower before gathering.

3.Washing Hands

Do you wash your hands often? It means you are blocking the Corona virus against yourself and those around you.

Corona virus when exposed to the hands will not directly enter the body, this is what requires us to wash our hands regularly.

Because we don't know whether our hands are sterile or infected with the Corona virus.

You can wash your hands by applying soap or hand sanitizer to your hands, then rinsing.

Remember, all parts of the hand must be exposed to this liquid, because this virus is invisible.

However, you should also minimize the use of water when washing your hands. When you're rinsing your hands, cover the faucet with your elbow, so the water doesn't go to waste.

4. Wearing a Mask

You also have to do to prevent the Corona virus by wearing a mask. This prevents the Corona virus from entering the mouth from the breath of others.

You must wear a mask wherever you go, be it to the market, school, office, place of worship, recitation, etc.

You should also observe the mask you wear. Make sure the masks you use are really new and not recycled.

You can wear the familiar media mask in green or blue. Do not wear n-95 masks, because these masks are only for medical personnel.

We also have to pay attention to the stock of medical goods for those who are caring for the factual Corona people.

5. No Homecoming

Corona hit, long holidays came, this opportunity used various people to return to their hometowns.

Not going home is an important thing you must do to prevent the Corona virus from yourself and the people you want to meet.

You don't know if you are exposed to Corona or not. So if you are exposed, and you go home, your loved ones will be exposed because of your actions that do not comply with the prokes.

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To overcome your longing for your loved ones, you can video call each other. Tell them that you can't go home because of the high risk.

If you can, send a parcel containing a mask or other means of maintaining health.

6.Do not hold foreign goods carelessly

One way to prevent the Corona virus is by not holding abnormal stems from choosing.

The point is not to hold things or other things that do not belong to you and are in places outside your home.

This is because it increases the risk of exposure to the Corona virus.

When you hold an item or something like a handle, do you know the item is sterile or has corona?

Because this is what makes us as much as possible not to hold anything perfunctory.

If there are, you can wear gloves when traveling, and wash them first when you get home.

7.Don't Use Items Together

Using an item by multiple people increases your risk of catching the Corona virus. Because we don't know whether one of the users of the item has Corona in their hands or not.

This is the reason we must ward off the Corona virus by not using goods to help each other.

This often happens in a family environment, such as holding a spoon, try to hold this or another item, your hands are clean and sterile.

So that the next person who uses it is guaranteed health.

8. Participate in the Corona-19 Vaccination

The last way to ward off the Corona virus is to follow the Corona-19 vaccination. Make sure when you get the vaccination it is not a used injection.

If you dare, ask the medical personnel to dump the injection that he has injected the vaccine for you. Because this is very risky to others.

You can take the Corona vaccination at the nearest health center or nearest hospital. But you also have to remember. Always keep your distance, don't shake hands, wash your hands when you travel.

If you want to know the story of how I was vaccinated, please read this post:Effects of the Covid-19 Vaccine for the Body

Here's our post, which is how to prevent the Corona-19 virus, to be useful, and keep your distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask.

Pray for you not to be exposed to the Corona virus. Remember, warding off the Corona virus is better than treating it.


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