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How To Scan Canon Mp287 And What Are The Benefits?

How to Scan a Canon MP287 Printer- Talking about working on documents is definitely not far from the process of scanning and printing documents. The existence of computers and printers is a technology that really facilitates human work, so that work can be carried out with efficient time and energy.

 Membicarakan soal pengerjaan dokumen pasti tidak jauh Bagaimana Cara Scan Canon MP287 dan Apa Kelebihannya?
How to Scan Canon MP287

One of the printers that is widely used for office equipment is the Canon Pixma MP287 printer, in contrast to the previous Canon printer, this printer is able to scan documents with good results. What is this canon MP287 printer? Then howhow to scan canon mp287 printer??? Here's the review!

Printer Canon MP287

This printer is one of the printers that is widely used after the Canon IP2770 printer type, both have advantages in printing, but the Canon MP287 has another advantage, namely being able to scan documents. Paper that is suitable for this printer is HVS A4, Letter, Legal, B5 and A5 paper, besides that it can also print photos with sweet quality using glossy photo paper to platinum photo paper.

Scans using this printer can detect black and white and color at a speed of 15 seconds for one color HVS paper. Windows that are compatible with this printer are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10.

How to Use Canon MP287

Before using the Canon MP287 printer you must first install the printer driver to your computer. The printer driver is already available from the printer CD that came with the purchase so you can easily drag the file and then start the installation. If you don't have the printer driver from the CD then you can download the driver from the official Canon MP287 website, from this site the drivers are guaranteed to be genuine.

Don't forget to plug in the cable that connects the computer and printer, then also connect the printer cable to a power source. Press the turn on button where the button is on the left side of the printer, when it is pressed the button will glow yellow. This color indicates the printer is active and ready to use.

How to Install

How to install a drive from a canon MP287 using a CD or direct download to its website. Here are the steps to download the driver to install.

  1. Open the official website
  2. Click download
  3. Wait for download time
  4. Save the download to your computer
  5. Then Open the downloaded file double click and click run
  6. A box will appear containing an explanation, click next
  7. Select the Asian region
  8. Then a deal box will appear then click yes
  9. Connect the cable to the computer and to a power source
  10. Final installation click finish

How to Print Documents with Canon MP287

Printing this document is quite easy, but for someone who is still a strange person, it will be a little difficult, how to print using a Canon MP287 printer is:

  1. Make sure the cable is connected to the computer and to a power source
  2. Make sure the printer is on
  3. Open the document you want to print, for example you open Microsoft word
  4. Press Ctrl+P or directly print icon
  5. Select the printer in the printer field, adjust your printer name with the printer selection
  6. Set the page setup if you want to change the paper size or something else
  7. Make sure the paper is loaded
  8. Press print to start printing.

How to Scan with Canon MP287

Another function of this Canon MP287 printer apart from printing is to scan documents. Scan, which is scanning printed documents/hard files that are scanned into digital documents or softfiles. While the tool to scan is called a scanner.

Using this scanner allows managing documents in digital form so that they can be sent in soft files via email or other communication media easily. The results of this scan can be printed again. Documents that can be scanned such as printed documents, photos and others.How to scan canon MP287 printerthat is :

  1. Connect the cable to the computer and to a power source
  2. Turn on the printer
  3. Open the computer, look for the devices and printers option
  4. A printer connected to your computer will appear
  5. Select the printer then right click and select the start scan option
  6. A command box will appear titled new scan
  7. Set the color of the scan result and the shape of the scan select jpg
  8. Then press scan
  9. A scan box will appear
  10. If it is final, write the name of the document
  11. Select import and select the document location
  12. Check the scanned document on your computer.

How to Care for Canon MP287

Using a Canon MP287 printer, you must also carry out regular maintenance so that the printer is durable and the risk remains good. Some of the treatments for the Canon MP287 are:

  1. Do not use non-genuine ink cartridges, this can make the printing quality decrease
  2. Do not use imitation ink because the chemicals in the artificial ink can cause damage to the printer
  3. Don't be late filling in the ink because this can destroy the cartridge
  4. Use the printer in an organized manner every day to prevent cartridge jams
  5. Do not use the printer excessively as personally print in large quantities. This can cause the cartridge to jam
  6. If it has been used, unplug the printer so that the power supply is infinite.
  7. Do not use infused ink because this can cause ink to flood in the cartridge so this makes the cartridge work harder
  8. Use injection ink

Advantages of Canon MP287 Printer

This printer is the opposite of the previous printer type, some of the advantages of the Canon MP287 printer are:

  1. Having a light weight and minimalist size, this type of printer does not take up much space so that the printer is suitable to be placed on a work desk.
  2. A printer with a smooth sound, if the printer is usually quite noisy, then this type of printer sounds lighter and does not make noise
  3. Fast, time to print the document does not take much time.
  4. Save ink
  5. Gorgeous quality prints
  6. Can be used to copy documents
  7. Can be used to scan documents
  8. Make it easy to print websites with the size options provided
  9. Compatible with all kinds of windows
  10. Auto cleaning technology that can clean automatically using ink.
  11. Affordable prices

Canon MP287 Printer Price

In the Indonesian market, this printer is priced at 1 million, this price is affordable for a printer with complete specifications and good quality. The price of a used or second printer is quite cheap, namely 700 to 800 thousand, but it would be better if you buy a new one to save damage.

Using a printer does require maintenance, the Canon MP287 printer is clearly multifunctional and has many advantages, so you have nothing to lose by using this type of printer.

This review about the Canon MP287 printer is enough to come here, yes, the advantages have been explained above, how to download and install the printer driver up tohow to scan canon mp287 printerlet this review be useful for you. Good luck!