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How to Transfer Money Between Banks Without Admin Fees

Mastrigus.com - Ease of transacting money is now no longer a new thing, almost all mainstream banks have offered accommodation for money transfer facilities to their customers, including using an Android phone.

However, even though this convenience really makes it easier for customers, the Bank requires customers to pay additional fees. This fee minimizes the balance in our account.

For inter-bank transfer fees, the fees are not too large, some are even free, but for transfers to other banks, almost all banks choose the fees that must be paid by the customer.

Maybe this is one of the tactics they use to increase consumers.

Actually, the amount of transfer fees between banks is not too large, ranging from Rp. 3,000, - to Rp. 10,000, - depending on the bank you use.

However, for customers who don't have a lot of balance (money in their account), the Rp. 5,000 part for each transaction is a heavy thing, especially if it's frequent.

As I experienced, circumstances require me to use the services of a bank to be able to transfer money to others or between banks quickly and easily.

The amount is not too large, not up to millions, but the intensity is often so that the pieces in each transaction if collected become many.

For example, I transfer 10 times a day to other banks. For every transaction there is an administration fee of Rp. 5,000,-. So if you multiply it you will get the amount of Rp. 50,000, -

The amount for me is too big, you yourself must know the meaning of fifty thousand. It's really a shame if we don't manage it ourselves.

Well, but I already know how to do it so that we don't have to spend extra money just to transfer money.

Then how?

It's very easy, but we still use third-party applications lo, and as long as I use it, I don't have any problems.

How to Transfer Between Banks Free

Is Flip an android application that really helped me in the problem of transferring money between banks. Flip has a cool jargon: Bank Transfers No Admin Fees.

I just create a transaction, transfer, and Flip will deliver the money to the recipient in a different bank.

Flip will also show proof of the transaction when the transfer is successfully processed which can be downloaded via the Flip application or via the email we sent.

We can make transfers to and from BCA, BNI, Mandiri, BRI, CIMB Niaga, BTPN, Jenius, BTPN Wow, BNI Syariah, Mandiri Syariah, CIMB Niaga Syariah, and Muamalat without management fees.

What's even more fun is that transfers using the Flip application can be carried out to anyone, even though the participant does not need to have a Flip account.

What features does a Flip account have?

Flip Features:

  • Transfer to and from the biggest banks in Indonesia without admin fees.
  • The recipient does not need to have a Flip account to receive a transfer from you.
  • Automatic checking of destination account numbers, make sure the recipient is the perfect person
  • After the transaction is sent, Flip will deliver the proof of transfer via the application and email.
  • There is an in-app live chat that is ready to help if you have trouble or are just looking for friends to chat with.
  • Flip encrypts sensitive data and provides double security for your proprietary data.
  • Flip also has a PPOB feature that can help top up credit and quotas/data packages.
  • Flip is officially licensed and licensed by Bank Indonesia

We are able to carry out money transfers from the Bank:

BCA, BNI, Mandiri, BRI, CIMB Niaga, BTPN, Jenius, BTPN Wow, BNI Syariah, Mandiri Syariah, CIMB Niaga Syariah, and Muamalat

And also transfer to the Bank:

BCA, BNI, Mandiri, BRI, CIMB Niaga, BTPN, Jenius, BTPN Wow, BNI Syariah, Mandiri Syariah, CIMB Niaga Syariah, and Muamalat

Besides being able to be used for money transfers, we can also buy other products, such as:

pay Telkomsel Prepaid Credit, Prepaid Indosat Credit, Prepaid Ooredoo Credit, XL Prepaid Credit, Prepaid Tri Credit, Prepaid Smartfren Credit, Prepaid Axis Credit, Telkomsel Data Package, Indosat Ooredoo Data Package, XL Data Package, Tri Data Package, Smartfren Data Package, Axis Data Packages.

How to Transfer Money Between Banks Without Admin Fees Using Flip

Please download the Flip application via this link:Flip. Then create an account in the application.

Creating an account on Flip is not difficult, because the app will guide the userstep by step.Please just follow the tutorial. After that, please try to transfer to another bank.

A few things you need to understand before using the Flip App:

  1. We can minimize money, because as a rule, every interbank transfer transaction requires us to pay, while Flip eliminates the admin fee for us.
  2. Usually Flip will show a unique code behind the money transfer number. For example, we want to transfer Rp. 100.000,- then the flip will add a random signal, for example 213. Then the amount of transfer that we send is Rp. 100,213,-. The random code remains ours, Flip will collect it and give it back to us.
  3. Flip shows a cyclical report regarding how much rupiah we have saved when using Bank accommodation exclusively.
  4. Flip requires a process that is not instant, but not too long in the process. I think it's fair the reason is that it's free.
  5. Flip always offers a report if the transaction is successful. And we can use that as evidence

Flip so far has helped me a lot with money transfer problems between banks and has proven to not use admin fees, so I can minimize expenses.