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How to Unregister Prime Card

Many people like to change their starter packs, for whatever reason, but for now we can't afford to make shifts arbitrarily. Because for now, every starter card that has been purchased and used, must be registered (registration) especially before using a NIK. However. In addition to being able to register a starter pack that was previously purchased, you can also unregister withhow to unreg smartfren.

Before you unregister a card that has been registered, it's a good idea to know in advance that, registering a NIK number on a starter pack can only be done up to three times, this is in accordance with the provisions of government regulations that have been enforced. The rest can't. Or if possible only through the operator outlet where you bought the card.

In addition, if you want to register a number in your name but, it turns out that you have used your personal data on the previous number, then you also have to unregister the previous number, then you can re-register at the new number.

Smartfren makes it easy for customers who want to unregister their number in the following ways.

1. Unregister the number via SMS

The first way to unreg Smartfren that you can do is by using SMS. The method is quite easy, all you have to do is open the message or SMS menu on your smartphone then type in the format"UNREG#Your Smartfren's cellphone number#" then send it to 4444. Wait a while, you will also receive a reply SMS stating that your number has been successfully unregistered.

2. Unregister the number via the Smartfren website

Another easy way is to access the official Smartfren website. The method is quite easy, you have to open the website through a browser and typehttps://www.smartfren.com/. After that, enter the registered NIK for the number you want to unregister at the 4444 contact center. Wait a moment, the 4444 contact center will send you a message that your unreg was successful. You can now use the NIK for registration on a new number.

This method is quite easy, however, it does not mean that you can constantly change cards and registrations. It should be noted when you want to throw away cards that have run outprepaid planso don't forget to unregister the number, let alone first. So that you can use your NIK and other data for a new card.

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