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How to Unsubscribe From Annoying Emails (Unsubscribe)

Mastrigus.com- Email in its development is really expected for mankind, especially for brands who want to stay connected to the virtual world. Email can be said to be the main prerequisite for being able to connect with social media.
Whereas historically, e-mail was used as a substitute for conventional letters in the form of paper and writing, because manual mail delivery was more time-consuming and expensive, so e-mail became one of the solutions formed. Email in the past was no more than just to deliver letters, messages, notes, and others.

One of the important functions of email in the technological era is that it becomes the main focus to be able to connect with other social media, for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Email is used as the main requirement to be able to use social media services other than using a cellular number. Even for Android-based smartphone users, to be able to connect to the Playstore and be able to download Android applications, they are required to have an email account.

So it has been determined, for android users, the device used has been integrated with email, especially the email offered by Google, namely Gmail. It's not that difficult, now people cancreate gmail emails easily. Even able to make it through HP.

Sending Emails and Receiving Emails

The most common of e-mail is the feature of outgoing messages (mail) without management fees (except internet fees). We can send emails to others easily, just open, type, send. Even by receiving an email, we are able to get an instant email after the email is delivered by the sender. Because of this facility, email for some people is not considered important and only functions as a condition for being able to use social media.

For example, when we want to register for a Facebook account, when registering we are asked to enter the email we have, then Facebook sends a confirmation link via email. After successfully creating an account, on average many people leave the email and even tend not to remember the email password.

In fact, the email is very useful for restoring your Facebook account if you forget your password at any time, the email is used for account recovery.

On the other hand, email is only a trash can for email information from social media that is linked to an email account, it's not surprising that the messages that come in the email, are entirely notifications from other social media accounts.

For me, this is annoying, especially if the notification message goes into the primary email (main account), because apart from disturbing, I also think it's not important, except for certain notifications, for example notifications to secure accounts because someone else is about to break into it.

As a result I made this writing to share my experience on how to unsubscribe from emails from automatic email senders.

How to Unsubscribe Email

Not all of the e-mails that enter our email address are delivered by humans, but also sent by robots. Especially emails that are notification notifications.

These robots do not perform work without the permission of the email owner. If an email comes in almost every day and the content is pretty much the same, it's a message that you've agreed to be delivered to you.

Of course, some people feel unaware of this, the reason being that they don't really observe the rules when registering a particular account.

If you find it annoying, please unsubscribe from the email. The method is quite easy, follow the instructions in the image below:


  1. Open the email then log in to your account
  2. Select one of the incoming messages (inbox) that you want to unsubscribe
  3. Scroll down, look for information similar to the one in the image above. Usually there are words unsubscribe, unsubscribe, notification settings and others, which are essentially attempts to stop updating messages.
  4. Finished.
Dengan begitu, anda tidak akan lagi mendapatkan pesan yang masuk inbok email secara berkala. Pakai cara ini dengan bijak dan untuk jenis pesan yang memang tidak anda harapkan. Terima kasih sudah membaca. Salam