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Hp 14-Cm0008au Laptop Gets Faster After Upgrading SSD

I'm a laptop user who likes speed without losing stunning graphics, maybe the same as you, so the reason is that my budget can't afford to buy a powerful laptop for tens of millions, so the choice fell on the HP 14- cm0008AU Laptop.

I was quite confident when I chose it, the reason is that based on the clarification circulating, this laptop has been equipped with a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processor which is said to be good in performance and for graphics problems it is equipped with AMD's Radeon Vega Graphics.

Looking in detail at the specifications, plus the price is not very expensive, so I bought this HP 14-cm0008AU laptop. And currently I work using a laptop which is reportedly sweet.

But after trying it, I was a bit disappointed, because for the speed of performance, this laptop tends to be unstable when used to open heavy applications such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, Office 2016. Especially if the applications are opened simultaneously.

In my experience, when I'm doing a design via Photoshop with the addition of opening another application such as Google Chrome, the speed can really decrease. Maybe because the memory is struggling to divide the energy on the applications that are opened.

And it turned out to be true, after checking the Task Manager, the memory was stuck at 100%. It's not fair if I compare it with the laptop I used before, namely the Acer 4741 which since I used it until I passed it on to my niece, it's still comfortable to use for work.

Upgrading HP Laptop SSD

This laptop is equipped with an SSD slot, which can be used to significantly maximize laptop performance. How come?

Reportedly, because the SSD has a speed doubled when compared to the HDD, especially to be used to install the OS method.

I therefore bought a 250GB HP EX900 M.2 brand SSD to pair with the HP 14-CM0008AU.

Oh yes, for the SSD specifications, please browse for yourself. I do not list it here because many have reviewed the specifications.

As a result, after the SSD is installed, the laptop speed increases significantly. Especially feels very fast when browsing, opening new applications, switching from one application to another and others.

I have come to understand that, the issue of the speed of the current generation of laptops is not only the size of the RAM, but also the type of storage. Of course, besides being influenced by the processor itself, lo. I can't compare the speed of i3 spy with i7 secret agent, of course each i7 wins in comparison.

Finally I was able to cover up my disappointment after adding an SSD to the HP 14-cm0008AU Laptop. work becomes more hassle-free and not bothered by slow loading cases.

Oh yeah, why do I have an HP brand SSD? It seems the reason is just a matter of brand. The laptop is HP and the SSD brand is HP, so it fits.